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My sharpshooter status aside, I've always been surprised upset that Microsoft has never provided an API for the vast amount of information about users, the games they play, and statistics within the games. Namely, I'd like to publicly shame every n00b I've baptized with my sniper rifle. I recently found a great gamer API effort by While their API can't tell me the titles and emblems I've earned in Black Ops II, I can get some relevant information about my user, my status, and the games I've recently dominated.

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Xbox API

Gamertag Lookup


XboxLeaders currently offers data in three formats (XML, JSON, and serialized PHP) at four API endpoints to retrieve information from:

  • GET profile/:gamertag - Returns data pertaining to the requested gamers' profile on Xbox LIVE.
  • GET games/:gamertag - Returns data pertaining to the requested gamers' played games. All game data is returned except for achievements.
  • GET achievements/:gamertag/:gameid - Returns all achievement data for the requested gamer and game.
  • GET friends/:gamertag - Returns all friend data for the requested gamer. Will error out if friends list is private.

These endpoints allow developers to access all of the important gamer-specific data available. XboxLeaders is also working on a POST implementation for sendings messages. Authorization may become required for this API, but the API is currently open to anyone that wants to use it.

Calls to the profile API will return the following information:

Xbox gamertag info search

That's a nice amount of data to work with. The other API calls will return likewise relevant information.

Xbox gamertag worth lookup

Using the Xbox Gamer API

Xbox Gamertag Worth Lookup

So what can be created with this Xbox Gamer API? That's up to your imagination! Let me use this awesome API to create a gamer card!

Xbox Gamertag Info Lookup Tool

This is a simple gamer card. An awesome addition would be a side scrolling list of games, and possibly a display of achievements when you click on each game. In any event, XboxLeaders' API will get you the information you need.

XboxLeaders' enhanced Xbox Gamer API is easy to use, dependable, and unique. This API fills a gap Microsoft has created by not providing a public Xbox API, and does it incredibly well. As always, do your best to cache requests so as to keep their server load low and your site fast. Let me know if you create something with this API -- I'd love to see it!