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Sex in the Trials in Tainted Space universe has consequences and pregnancy is one of them. Captain Steele is able to become pregnant, be impregnated (and inseminate and impregnate others), in a variety of ways, possibly giving birth in several ways as well. Xanthe's Silk: You're supposed to give this to Inessa. She'll supposedly know what it means. Can be attained from Xanthe after talking to her about a Key to Inessa's chastity belt. (Removed after returning to Inessa and choosing to give her the Silk.) Xenogen Datapad: Can be acquired from Estallia's safe during Federations Quest.

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Key Items are all the items that are in the inventory, but don't occupy space in it, often due to their importance.

  • 1List of Key Items

List of Key Items

Key Items
Name Description Condition
Arbetz Travel Agency Membership Can be acquired from Una in the Arbetz Travel Agency on Tarkus.
Beach ‘n Surf Can be purchased from Alex Surf in the Beach ‘n Surf on Tavros.
[Bess/Ben]’s Friendship Bracelet Given by Bess/Ben as a sign of friendship.
Doctor Badger's Bimbo Raygun Can be acquired from Dr. Badger during her job offer. Can also be confiscated by Penny and reprogrammed by Dr. Lash.
Brandy's Letter Can be acquired from reading Brandy's Letter.
Broken Psi Amp A broken Psionic Amplifier, removed from Captain Zaalt Kandar's skull. After it went slightly batshit. Can be attained after defeating Zaalt in combat and convincing Kara to give it up by saying No to her offer to leave with it.
Capture Harness Accept Dr. Haswell's Zil capture quest. (Removed after the mission is completed.)
Federation Vibrator Can be acquired from the red myr deserter by choosing to Steal Dildo after knowing about it. (May be removed by force or choosing to Give Dildo.)
Frostwyrm Scales Can be acquired by killing the Frostwyrm. Removed after giving to Tuuva for unlocking Frostbane armor sets
Gildenmere Pass Given by Lyralla at the Myrellion DMZ upon request.
Goozooka This modified Goovolver was built by the ausar tech specialist Anno Dorna for you. Rather than normal galotians, this heavy cannon fires vials of gray goo at your enemies, re-programmed to go straight for an enemy’s most sensitive spots. Consumes a vial of gray goo per shot! Can be purchased from Anno after her special gear becomes accessible.
Hand So’s Data Bead Can be taken after defeating Hand So during Colenso's quest. (Removed if it is voluntarily sold or destroyed.)
Hardlight Strap-on Upgrades Can be attained from Korgonne Raider or Korgonne Barbarian
Hentai Magazine Can be acquired from Kara during mission at the Pirate Base. (Removed if used to Bribe the Pirate Engineer for the Key Card.)
Holodisk: Horsecock Hell 2 A pair of holodisks labeled ‘Horsecock Hell 2: A Tail of Two Twats'. The cover makes a big deal out of the star of the show; ‘Nivas Oxonef' Can be found on The Phoenix in the Fall of The Phoenix mission.
Kaska’s Detonator Beat Kaska in combat on the Stellar Tether.
Key Card - R&D Security Pass Can be acquired from the Pirate Engineer during Kara's mission at the Pirate Base, either through a Bribe or victory in combat.
Khorgan's Detonator Beat Captain Khorgan in combat on the Stellar Tether.
Korgonne_Medical_Kit Received during Tuuva'srescue mission. (Removed upon finding Tuuva).
Kressia Pass Given by Nehzara at the Myrellion DMZ upon request.
Lasso Given by Cameron when accepting to help him with varmint wrangling.
Myr Security Radio Accept Irellia's private investigation-related quest.
Myr Heavy Tranquilizer Dart Given by Lieve after the Gold Ambush during Federation Quest. Can be used to knock out the Gold Squad.
Orange Myr Data Given by Dr. McAllister after financially aiding him in his research. (Removed after being given to Juro.)
Parasite Sample A small security hardcase containing a medical sample. Can be attained after a successful Safe Crack on the safe found in the Science Quarters during The Kashima Incident. (Removed after being given to Elenora.)
Parasite Cure A vial containing a potential cure for the parasite afflicting the crew of the Kashima. Can be attained after giving Doctor Elenora enough time to create it during The Kashima Incident. (Removed after successfully putting it in the replication chamber during the fight with Commander Henderson.)
Pirate Datapad Can be picked up during Saendra's rescue mission on Tavros Station.
Platinum 190 Can be taken from a crate on the Stellar Tether. (Removed after being given to Shekka or the Nyrean Praetorian.)
Puss Pass Can be purchased from Cherry on Zheng Shi.
Red Myr Blood A vial of blood sampled from a red myr. Can be obtained from Lieve or Nehzara during Nevrie's coworker quest on Myrellion. (Removed after being given to Nevrie.)
Republic Dildo Can be acquired from the gold myr deserter by choosing to Steal Dildo after knowing about it. (May be removed by force or choosing to Give Dildo.)
Satellite Hard Drive Can be acquired from Satellite Retrieval quest after defeating the Gryvain Agent
Sexbot GPS Triangulator Accept Colenso's sexbot-related quest.
Silver Key Can be looted along with a gem satchel by choosing to Search the Queen's Chamber in Queen Taivra's Palace.
Taur-centric Ship Equipment Equipment to accommodate a taur living on your ship. Can be purchased from Urbolg on Zheng Shi after having met a Tauric charachter
Ten Ton Gym Membership Can be purchased from Quenton in the Ten Ton Gym on New Texas.
Unification Rally Invite 18:00, Mushroom Park Can be randomly attained while walking around Gildenmere's streets during Irellia's quest.
Uveto A.I. Cores A.I. Cores recovered from Captain Zaalt Kandar, destined to be delivered to Uveto. Can be attained after defeating Zaalt in combat and choosing to Kill Him or turn him into the Authorities.
Vi's Vagina Can be acquired from Vi in the Gildenmere hospital when asking to Use Pussy and then Take It.
Water Princess Note This receipt by a child-recovery drone was doodled all over by the tiny water princesses you gave birth to. They've scrawled several affectionate drawings all over it, and written thank-yous for taking care of them. Looking at it gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling... Can be attained after giving birth to The Queen of the Deep's young.
Xanthe's Silk You're supposed to give this to Inessa. She'll supposedly know what it means. Can be attained from Xanthe after talking to her about a Key to Inessa's chastity belt. (Removed after returning to Inessa and choosing to give her the Silk.)
Xenogen Datapad Can be acquired from Estallia's safe during Federations Quest.

Raskvel scrap

Occasionally, the trio of Raskvel Males will offer to sell Captain Steele a piece of scrap that they have found:

Trials in tainted space xanthe walkthrough
Key Items
Name Condition
Locked Metal Chest Sold by Raskvel Gang. (Removed after being sold to a Tarkus scrap dealer.)
Some Sort of Shining Spaceship Part
Intact, Antique Android
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Key Items
Name Description Condition
Panties - Aina's Extra-large, striped green centaur panties. After helping Aina, Steele can find the pair in HerDresser and AskToKeep or Steal them.
Panties - Anno's Blue boxer briefs Can be stolen during Anno's huskar talk.
Panties - Briha's Nylon, camo-print T-back panties. Left behind by Briha after having non-combat sex with her and knowing her name.
Panties - Claes's Silky white panties with green ribbon ties. Given by Claes after experiencing the Rat's Raiders Christmas event on Zheng Shi after completely befriending them.
Panties - Embry's Plain, girly pink panties with little hearts. When Embry is on her third stage of transformation, Steele can Ask or Order Her.
Panties - Emmy's Silky, purple, and cum-stained. After visiting Emmy with her new sex toy, she will send her panties to Steele as a gift upon approaching the D.M.Z. hangar.
Panties - Erra's Purple with a black paw-print on the crotch. Given by Erra after her cuddle scene.
Panties - Fisianna's Lacy, White, and with a cute cat pattern. Given by Fisianna when giving her HL-equipped Panties.
Panties - Kiro's Lacy, black, and crotchless. Given by Kiro after rescuing her, fully gaining 80% trust, and having sex.
Panties - Lys's Sheer black panties. Left behind by Lys after having non-combat sex with her and knowing her name.
Panties - Penny's Plain, blue, and crotchless. Given by Penny after she becomes a cumslut (though she does not necessarily have to be an exhibitionist about it).
Panties - Mrs. Reasner's Silky, black panties with floral-patterned lace. Given by Beatrice after selling all the savicite to her and choosing Her Panties as a reward.
Panties - Myrna Emerald green with sweet scent. Given by Myrna as her first 12th Gift.
Panties - Ramis's Lacy, black siel-silk panties. Can be stolen from Ramis when staying behind when she goes to shower after a crew sex scene.
Panties - Roo's Satiny, bright red panties with ribbony side-ties After exhausting Roo's talk options and causing her to gamegasm 10 times, she will gift Steele with her panties.
Panties - Saendra's Ultra-tight and bright pink. 10% chance to be given by Saendra when accessing her Sex menu while she has a penis.
Panties - Syri's Sky blue, silky, and extra crotch room. Given by Syri after she is a lover and randomly visits Steele upon landing in Mhen'ga.
Panties - Tessa's A sleek black thong, with a delicious aroma. Given by Tessa after doing the Bedroom scene and choosing “Tessa’s Turn” (requires doing Hard and Soft routes to unlock), which is unlocked after completing her wedding quest with a decent score in Tarkus.
Panties - The DockmasterBlack-buttoned thong. Given by the Raskvel Dockmaster after she has been impregnated by Steele and laid eggs in Tarkus.
Panties - Xanthe's Black, tight-fit, frictionless. Given by Xanthe after having met her.

Trials In Tainted Space Wiki


Certain characters can give Captain Steele collars to symbolize their perpetual dominance over the player. These items can modify already existing scenes and unlock access to new scenes.

Trials In Tainted Space Xanthe Walkthrough

Key Items
Collar Description Acquisition Notes
Jerynn's Leather Collar A thick leather band, designed to cinch tightly yet comfortably around your neck. Acquired after reaching tier 4 of Jerynn's Pet Stuff
Sera's Black Lace CollarThis collar is composed of soft, rich leather around its ring, out of which wings of black lace sprout, contouring with the shape of your neck. Tiny pearls dangle from the lace, making small clicking sounds when you move energetically. A large brass ring connects to the back; a strange, blue gemstone is affixed to the front, glowing softly from within. ‘PROPERTY OF SERA’ is embossed into the leather. Altogether it’s an alluring, gothic piece of fetish-wear, elegant even - at least if you don’t know the purpose of the gemstone. Gifted by Sera when receiving your second salary after completing her Quest with a high score.
  • The gem stone can produce a hardlight dildo replica of Sera's penis, which can be used for Masturbation purposes.
  • In order to remove the collar, the player must orally pleasure the dildo.
  • Slightly modifies certain scenes.
Sub-Tuner Collar Your neck is adorned with Belle’s Sub-Tuner collar, covered with circuitry and locked around your nape with a magnetic seal, bearing a small holo-tag labeled Can be found on Uveto station where it was lost by Belle.
  • Grants entry into Accu-Pitch Labs and opens interactions with Belle and Saec.
  • After a while, the collar will be upgraded into a more powerful metal collar. Aside from slightly changing the description, this has no affect on existing scenes, nor unlocks new ones.
Vark's Savicite Collar Around your neck is a thick leather collar, fashioned by your master, Vark. It’s laced with Savicite, the buckles and exposed surfaces sending jolts of pleasure into your [pc.skinScalesFurNoun] whenever it rubs against you. Offered by Vark after he punishes the player 3 times; Is forced on if the player refuses to wear it 3 times in a row.
  • Increases the rate of by which Captain Steele gains lust.
  • Throwing away the collar will remove Vark from the game.
Lorelei/Minuet's Slave Collar 'You are currently wearing (Lorelei/Minuet)'s collar around your neck.' Given by Minuet after being ambushed by her and submitting 3 times.
  • Halves the hostile encounter rate on Zheng Shi .
  • Alter's all of Lorelei's dialogue and Sex scenes while being worn.
  • Can only be removed by Lorelei.

Trials In Tainted Space Xanthe

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