Trials In Tainted Space Tank Puzzle

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Queen Estallia
AliasWar Queen
SpeciesGold Myr
OccupationRoyalty (disavowed)
Military Leader
TitleQueen (disavowed)
Many Gold Remnant Soldiers
Several Gold Remnant Brute
NationalityMyrellion, Gilden Republic
Queen Estallia (Regular)
LocationMunitions Factory
Initial Lust15
Queen Estallia (Tank)
LocationMunitions Factory
  • 5Combat
    • 5.1Tank
    • 5.2Regular


Leader of the remnant fighter the disavowed War Queen Estallia continues the fight against the Scarlet Federation.


A massive woman, towering nearly twice as tall as any of her daughters, with four massive breasts held back by battle-scarred tank treads wrapped around her chest and shoulders. She’s carrying a pair of swords, crude metal beams forged and sharpened into blades fit for her tremendous size.

One of her eyes is covered in a dark cloth, but the other black orb regards you coldly, sizing you up before she finally speaks.

History/Personality/Information of Note

Estallia, aka the War Queen, is the only one of her kind to fight on the front lines. Led a battalion of her own daughters into combat, apparently quite effectively.


She will appear before the PC after defeating Ellira and descending the radio tower stairs.At this point several options are available.

  • Attack - Let's get this over with
    • Start Combat
  • Go Home - Tell the myrish queen to go home. There’s no need to fight here.
    • Save Her - You came all this way to save the gold myr. You have no intention of fighting her... or letting her be captured.
      • If Mischievous Start Combat
      • Else Estallia Leaves
    • Try Peace - You came here to try and stop this war! The Gold Myr have already lost: why keep fighting?
      • Start Combat
  • Surrender - Try and get the queen to surrender. The fight’s already lost, and she’s got a better chance with you than with the Federation commandos.
    • Start Combat
  • Why Fight? - Try and figure out why the myrish War Queen is fighting this hopeless battle!
    • Allows to choose another option
    • Disables Why Fight? talk option.
  • Leave World - Rather than fight a losing battle against the Federation, what if she simply left for greener pastures?
    • Not done Why Fight? talk scene, allows to choose another option
    • Done Why Fight? talk scene, allows the PC to give a suggestion of a planet to go to.
      • Kui-tan - The kui-tan seem to have a serious interest in Myrellion. Surely the queen and her troops would be a smash hit on the ‘nuki homeworld.
        • Estallia and her children leave for a Kui-tan world.
      • Mhen'ga - You know a jungle world that’s full of other honey-swollen yellow insect girls. Maybe the myr would fit in on Mhen’ga?
        • Choosing Mhen'ga will cause Estallia to ask how they will get there.
          • Donate - Give the myr rebels enough credits to buy their way off planet. With so many of them, and one as large as the War Queen... you doubt you could find them passage for less than 30,000 credits.
            • 30,000 Credits
            • Estallia and her children leave for Mhen'ga in several days.
          • Tap Kara - Kara and her smuggler buddies aboard the Ghost owe you a big damn favor, and you know they’re operating around here. Tap your favor with them to evacuate the myrmedion rebels.
            • Finished Karaquest 2 with Kara alive.
            • Estallia and her children are brought to Mhen'ga over several days.
              • There she can be talk about OtherQueens, ColonyStatus and OtherRaces



If the Tank found on the ground floor of the Munitions Factory is not sabotaged, Estallia upon engaging in combat will enter Tank mode.

Move Set

The tank does 2 moves each turn, a Tank move and a Queen Move. Defeating her in Tank mode causes her to switch to regular mode.

Tank Moves

  • Missile Charge - Preps a missile
    • Use Missile next round.
  • Missile - Fire a Missile
    • Destroys Cover
    • If PC is hit chance to trip
  • Crunch - Drive the tank over you
    • PC is tripped
  • Machine gun - Ranged Attack
  • Drive Me Closer - Melee attack large amounts of damage.
    • Armor not gone

Queen Moves

  • Encourage buffer move
  • Plate up - Healing move
    • 1/7 Chance if Armor depleted
    • Regain 100 Armor.
  • Pop Smoke - Buff move
    • 50% chance if Armor less than Half
    • Increases evasion permanently
Trials In Tainted Space Tank Puzzle

Estallia in Tank mode is fully immune to tease attacks.

  • 50% immunity to kinetic attacks
  • 35% weakness to electric attacks

Estallia is equipped with a Large Sword with a kinetic damage of 40 and Vanquisher Hand Cannon.

DefensesHull Armor: 20


Upon engaging in combat with Estallia (tank sabotaged) or defeating her tank mode (tank not sabotaged) she will enter regular combat mode supported by a continous stream of several of herdaughters.During the fight you will be joined by Lieve, (Marik if Gold ambush won) and several Red Commandos. Gold Myr Fighters that are defeated are replaced by new Gold Remnant Soldiers or Gold Remnant Brutes indefinitely.

Trials In Tainted Space Tank Puzzle Crossword Clue

So long as all the non-PC characters are still standing, Lieve, Marik, and the generics will all exclusively target each other. If all the Red-faction NPCs go down, though, they'll all start targeting the PC. Estallia will exclusively target the PC throughout the fight. As soon as the queen goes down, the fight is over.

If the PC still has the Myr Heavy Tranquilizer Dart the can use the Use Tranquilizer action to induce the Tranq'd Status effect on Estallia with the following effects:

  • Estallia's Physique, Reflexes and Armor are halved.
  • Estallia's Libido increases by 25
  • Estallia's Tease, Drug, and Pheromone resistances become -50 %
Move Set
  • Hot - Buffer move
    • 50% Chance if Gold Remnant Brute defeated in previous turn
    • Increases Physique by 15 for one turn
    • Increases Defense by 3 permanently till a maximum of 6
  • Revenge - Hits all opponents
    • 50% Chance if Gold Remnant Soldier defeated in previous turn
    • Attacks hits all opponents
  • Double Whammy - Melee Attack
    • Chance to apply Staggered to opponent
  • Reaving Blow - Melee/Debuff attack
    • Target isn't Staggered and Sundered.
    • Apply Staggered to opponent
    • Apply Sundered to opponent
  • Debris Rain - Debuff Move/Weak Ranged Attack
    • Opponent not Blind
    • Apply Blind
  • 50% immunity to kinetic attacks
  • Not Tranq'd
    • 90% immunity to tease attacks
    • 90% immunity to Pheromone attacks
    • 90% immunity to drug attacks
  • Tranq'd
    • 50% weakness to tease attacks
    • 50% weakness to Pheromone attacks
    • 50% weakness to drug attacks
  • Penises - Really Likes
  • Big masculine endowments - Really likes
  • Big butts - Really likes
  • Big breasts - Really likes

Estallia is equipped with a Large Sword with a kinetic damage of 40, a Vanquisher Hand Cannon and a Basic Shield Generator

DefensesThick Chitin Armor: 25


Upon defeat she will drop one of the following items:

If Estallia is defeated with the PC as the last one standing they have the choice to either:

  • Capture Her - You came here to capture the queen, so that’s what you’re gonna do.
Trials In Tainted Space Tank Puzzle
  • Let Her Go - You didn’t want to fight the queen anyway. Let her and her daughters go: as long as they promise to stop their attacks against the Federation.

Trials In Tainted Space Tank Puzzles

Note: If The PC is not the only member of the red faction still standing Estallia is automatically captured


Estallia currently does not have any sex scenes outside of her BadEnd.


She is the main boss for the Federation Quest

Retrieved from ‘’

Did you think the thirst was over? I HAVE ONLY BEGUN TO THIRST!

I meant to have this out to you guys at the start of the previous weekend, but circumstances (and drama flare-ups) at that pretty well. Still, progress is progress!

Trials In Tainted Space Tank Puzzle Crossword


Trials In Tainted Space Tank Puzzle Clue

  • The gabilani chemist’s scene for reacting to “thirsty” PC’s now has the “call zaika” fork enabled. This presents three randomized blowjob scenes out of the total available (which is only three for right now…). I have ideas for at least 1-2 more “generic” ones and a few where I’m going to have some of my futa crew members make a cameo (Shekka/Kiro).
  • Feeding thirst should now immediately result in it being removed (instead of occurring on the next “processTime” event after acquiring “Orally-Filled”).
  • Fixed the milk bar status tooltips.
  • New parsers: lipNoun, lipNouns, lipNounChaste, lipNounsChaste.
  • Lots of typos fixed and tweaked.
  • The combat tail’s tooltip should now warn that equipping it will remove current tails.
  • The combat tail can no longer strike flying targets.

I’ve also been playing through the game for real, for the first time in forever. Some of the typos and italic bleeds are ones I caught personally. Thus far, I just got onboard Zheng Shi with “Doom Suula,” and I’m sad I couldn’t take Emmy with me.