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SystemAra Ara
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Mhen'ga is a planet discovered during the 14th planet rush. Currently colonized by the U.G.C., the planet's extra-terrestrial capital is Esbeth. Populated areas are lined with dirt roads, leaving a very primal feel to the overall environment. Covered in lush flora, the planet is sometimes referred to as 'The Jungle Planet'. Sometimes spelled as 'Mhen'gha' or 'M'henga'.

  • 3Sub-Regions
  • 4Inhabitants

Places of Interest

  • Uthra Birch - A tree whose sap can be harvested.
  • Xenogen Camp - Abandoned camp located in the central-east portion of the south jungles, beyond the deep jungle and misty valley.
  • U.G.C. Scout Authority - The taxi service between the U.G.C. Office and the Xenogen camp, as well as an area to Investigate.



Map of Esbeth, the colony on Mhen'ga

This small jungle town, Esbeth, doesn’t even have proper roads. Prefabricated buildings have sprung up on all sides.

  • City Square - The living center of Esbeth.
  • Spaceport (built by Pyrite Heavy Industries)
  • Office of Customs and Governance
  • Burt’s Badass Mead Hall
  • Crazy Carl’s Crude Cylinder Collection Cache
  • The Art Of Scrapyard Maintenance
  • Xenogen Biotech Research Lab
  • U.G.C. Police Station
  • U.G.C. Scout Authority Office
  • A white shack (medical office)

The Jungle

Map of Mhen'gan Jungles

The wilds of Mhen'ga, consisting of mostly dense forest woods, and lush and colorful jungle greenery.

  • The North Jungle - Ferns and jungle on the west side, as it becomes more woodland area on the central north end. A deep orange flora jungle more towards the east.
    • Thare Plantation
  • The South Jungle - Vines and giant rocks are located on the west end. A pathway to the deep jungle, misty valleys and parts that are populated with colossal Saole trees and bladed ferns can also be found towards the east.
    • Xenogen Camp
  • The East Jungle - A narrow jungle path.
    • The metal pod is located here.
  • Uthra Birch - A large, deformed tree whose roots block the path of a narrow gorge located southeast-most of the jungle area. The tree leaks obsidian sap from gaps on its surface.
  • The Waterfall - A Zil encampment is above a huge waterfall to the far north of the map.
  • A Satellite - There’s a great big crater plunged into the forest floor here, surrounded by the shattered husks of Mhen’gan trees that have been blasted back by the impact. Smoke rises lazily from the inside of the crater, emanating from a sphere of metal surrounded by cracked mirrored wings. A satellite!


There are common townspeople who live in Esbeth. Other lifeforms can be encountered to the east of Esbeth, into the jungles Mhen'ga is best known for.


  • Able - Servant under Prof. Darnock, working at the Thare Plantation.
  • Artie - Owner of the scrapyard.
  • Burt - Bartender at the mead hall.
  • Carl - Owner of a weapons shop.
  • Professor Shep Darnock - Researcher and owner of the Thare Plantation.
  • Amber - An human-cervine centaur looking for sex.
  • Erika - A Kaithrit. Can be found at the mead hall between 08:00 - 16:00.
  • Erra - An Ausar delivery girl you can randomly find in bars.
  • Flahne - Secretary at the customs office.
  • Geoff - Artie's nephew and assistant. Employee at Artie's scrapyard.
  • Dr. Julian Haswell - Researcher in the Biotech laboratory.
  • Kase - An injured Kaithrit working for Pyrite's logistics branch.
  • Kelly - Secretary at the Biotech office. Also at the Back of Burts mead hall after hours.
  • Mica - Zil male and twin brother of Tetra found at the Back of Burts mead hall between 10:00 and 17:59 with his twin.
  • Penny - Employee and trainee at the U.G.C. police station.
  • Prai Ellit - A Xenogen Biologist researching jungle wildlife.
  • Quinn - Chieftain of the Zil tribe who Steele can meet during the Plantation Quest.
  • RK Lah - A male ausar who has united the Zil against Snugglé.
  • Tanis - Scout authority who runs the taxi.
  • Syri - Anno's sister, sometimes found lounging or gaming at the mead hall.
  • Tetra - Zil female and twin sister of Mica found at the Back of Burt's Mead Hall between 10:00 and 17:59 with her twin.
  • Thyvara - Matisar huntress who was left behind after a hunt found in Burt's Mead Hall between 18:00 and 03:00.
  • V-KO - A JoyCo nursedroid at the medical center.
  • Yoma - An android companion that can be found wandering in the jungle
  • Estallia - The War Queen if you let her escape to Mhen'ga


General Strategy: On Mhen'ga, most of the hostiles, barring some that are very relevant to specific quests, are sapient life forms trapped in the Stone Age. Some of them don't have weapons and the ones that do have things like Spears and blow darts. There just really horny and see fighting as a kind of aggressive foreplay and decider of who tops whom. As such most of the enemies on this world are highly susceptible to Lust attacks (Tease, Pheromone, Drug, Psionic), ranged attacks, and Special Attacks. Their movesets rely on increasing their own evasion and decreasing the player's through poisons, drugs, and their own natural adaptations and abilities so that it will be easier to seduce the player into giving up.

  • Cunt Snake - Non-native, parasitic snake-creatures brought over by an infected offworlder.
  • Gryvain Agent - Competition during the Satellite Retrieval mission.
  • Kerokoras - Amphibious creatures with lust-inducing venomous skin found in the northern jungles as an uncommon encounter.
  • Johr - The Zil Trainer and accomplice to the Pump-king.
  • Machina - A dangerous robot that had worked for Carl until it went rogue.
  • Mimbrane - Parasitic lifeforms that are attracted to sexual body fluids.
  • Naleen - Hybrid race of predatory creatures that hunt for pleasure.
  • The Pump-king - A deranged terrorist bent on taking over Mhen'ga.
  • The Vanae - A tree-dwelling society that lives mostly in the deeper jungles.
  • Venus Pitchers - Sentient plant species that live in the dark parts of the jungle.
    • Elder Venus Pitcher - Found in certain areas in the southern jungles. If hungry for fluids, they will trap and hypnotize their prey; they are dormant otherwise.
    • Venus Pitcher - Found in the northeast and east end of the jungle, they will lure their prey to harvest fluids from and spread their seed.
  • The Zil - A dominance-minded tribal culture of bee-like peoples.

Trials In Tainted Space Make Money

Godsend items

  • Mhen'gan Mango - A wild fruit that may be found while traversing the wilds of Mhen'ga.
  • Strange Egg - An egg that may be found in the Jungle.


Trials In Tainted Space Mhenga

Trials In Tainted Space Manga

The Ara Ara system is a reference to the statement Ara Ara, which roughly translates to 'Oh me, oh my', a phrase commonly used in harem and slice of life Manga, Anime, and video games, and hentai especially of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia variety. This, in a meta sense is the creators acknowledging that the various characters and enemies on this planet are basically Monster Girls for the player to Waifu.

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