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Gray Prime
“I don’t want to... I don’t want to become like them!”
Gray Goo Prime's bust, by Jacques00
SpeciesGray Goo
LocationDeck 13
Initial Lust15
Maximum LustN/A
Lust Reset(s)0

Trials in Tainted Space. Anno Ghost Deck doesn’t seem to be triggering for the last few builds. Anything change that I might have missed? Two questions do I add the booster packs to my deck? 2.what are the card codes in the shop?, Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory Questions and answers, Gameboy Advance.

Giga Goo
Gray Goo Giga's bust, by Jacques00
SpeciesGray Goo
LocationDeck 13
Initial Lust15
Maximum Lust100
Lust Reset(s)N/A
Nova (Victoria Morrow)
“I’m trying to save my crew.”
Gray Goo Nova's bust, by Jacques00
Full nameVictoria Morrow
SpeciesGray Goo, Human
Family10,428 colonists aboard the Nova
  • 4Interactions


Gray Prime is a unique gray goo that can be found on Deck 13, acting as the final boss of Anno's recruitment quest.


Gray Prime:

This glistening gray goo-girl isn't like her sisters. Tall, well-built, and realistically proportioned, she's almost human. The gray goo has modeled herself on a human woman, with a long ponytail and a hefty shirt-straining rack that bounces with every step she takes. She's even made clothes out of her goo: a knee-skirt and blouse over tall boots and stockings. Her shirt has a Bell-Isle/Grunmann patch stitched onto the shoulders, the field of stars on the logo rippling and shining as she moves. A sword of glistening goo extends seamlessly from her hand, cutting through the air with an audible zing as she advances.

Giga Goo:

Trials in tainted space ghost deck list

The gray goo gestalt calling itself Nova has taken on an entire vat of additional goo, expanding itself to monstrous proportions. She's having to lean over just to fit in the reactor compartment now, and each of her fists are easily bigger than you are. Her sword is the size of a truck, the blade resizing itself to slide through the open front of the elevator with ease. Her eyes burn with hate and anger as she swings and lunges at you, all too happy to take advantage of your confinement and trying to plunge you into the billowing cloud of poison gas below.

History/Personality/Information of Note

Gray Prime is the byproduct of experimental Bell-Isle/Grunmann technology. Gray nanobots, previously injected into colonists for health and longevity, inexplicably took over the their human hosts' mind and body, converting them all into amorphous goo-beings with a digital nervous system for a brain. They are later revealed to be a gestalt of ten-thousand, four-hundred, twenty-eight occupants who had been living on the Nova, tragically transformed as a last-ditch 'life support' measure by the gray microbots inside them. The colony ship eventually crash-landed on Tarkus, and the parts of the blob that could not stay attached to the central network, ended up migrating, dividing, and supplementing themselves with other fluids, creating the common gray goo, as encountered in the wastes.



Gray Prime is initially fought as an assailant within the Ghost Deck adventure, when she pulls Anno down onto a lower part of the deck through a damaged bulkhead, forcing Steele to jump in after her. She initiates a boss fight before fleeing into the secondary reactor chamber. When pursuing her, she'll reveal herself to be the amalgamation of the entire crew of the Nova, a Terran colony ship that was lost centuries ago, and crashed on Tarkus. She'll explain how she came to be, the origins of the Gray Goo, and then allow Steele to decide how things will proceed.

Steele can either decide to help the Nova's crew through Steele's and Anno's connections to Steele Tech, helping them to acquire cybernetic bodies. Alternatively, Steele can tell Nova to disregard her research into safely creating Gray Goo and simply kill the emergent intelligences that they house. Finally, Steele can attempt to kill Nova, leading to a fight against the Giga Goo she will turn into.


Gray Prime's first boss fight is a two-on-one slugfest between her, Steele, and Anno. She attacks primarily through her sword, while occasionally creating gray goo minions to tease Steele. She can also cause tentacles to emerge and grapple Steele.

The Giga Goo boss fight is optional and harder, forcing Steele to fend off a much larger, all-physical damage boss. She strikes at the elevator Steele and Anno are riding while attempting to knock them down and hurtling them into the poison gas below.


Both versions are armed with a goo-formed weapon and covered in goo-based armor.

Gray PrimeGiga Goo
Attacks WeaponGooey PsuedopodGooey Psuedopod
Damage 2 Melee
11 Kinetic
3 Melee
12 Kinetic
  • Gooey Coverings (Armor: 3)
  • Gooey Coverings (Armor: 3)
  • 20% immunity to all kinds of attacks

Losing to her in combat in either form will result in a BadEnd.


Trials In Tainted Space Ghost Deck Sealer

Gray Prime and the Giga Goo have no loot or credits but are worth 250 XP each.

After defeating Gray Prime, choosing to Help: Bodies will later allow Steele to talk to Anno about a Nova Update. Anno will then suggest finding a new goo girl in order to test a prototypical modification program. Steele can return to Deck 13 and create a new one by selecting Make Goo or Steele can later encounter the goo at the bar on Myrellion instead. In both cases, the new gray goo girl will introduce herself, and offer to accompany Steele as a wearable Suit of Gray Goo Armor.

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Gray Prime is associated with the Ghost Deck questline.

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