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Mario Multiverse Download Beta. Super mario multiverse download pc Uploader: El-Hussejn Date Added: File Size: 21.26 Mb Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP/200. This version of PSF is the definitive original. It was made in GameMaker 8.1 so it's quite old. It may not work on some Windows 10 computers. This version had the most gameplay and content however the physics and visuals weren't the best. Play as the Mario Bros. And collect over 60 Power Stars!.May have issues on some Windows 10 computers! On December 13, 2020; artooq added the project Super mario world extra boss music 1:34 p.m. On December 10, 2020; SilcatD left a comment 4:27 p.m. SilcatD added the project Multiplying Goomba 4:27 p.m. SilcatD left a comment 4:24 p.m. On November 29, 2020; Icefan13 added the project Super Mario Creator 2 Alpha v0.3.1 1:21 a.m.

Super mario multiverse download pc 2020 windows 10

Use arrows [↑→↓←] or W-A-S-D keys to move Mario, to jump higher hold the button.
Use Shift/CTRL to Fire/Sprint. Use P to pause and M to mute.


You can play continuously or select a level out of 32 any time you want.
There is also an option to generate a random map. It's an infinite fun!


In this game you are playing the role of the Mario. You are going through the Mushroom Kingdom, surviving the forces of the antagonist Bowser, and saving Princess Toadstool. Mario should reach the flag pole at the end of each level to win the game.

There is a lot of coins scattered around for Mario to collect and special bricks marked with a question mark, which may reveal more coins or a special item when Mario hits them. Other bricks may also contain some coins or rare items so if you have enough time, try to hit them as well. If Mario eats a Super Mushroom , he becomes a Super Mario — he grows to double his size and gains the ability to break bricks above him. If he gets hit in this mode he will turn back to regular Mario instead of dying. If Mario eats a Fire Flower , he becomes a Fire Mario — in this form, Mario gains the ability to throw bouncing fireballs from his hands. If Mario touches a bouncing Super Star (a rare power-up), he turns into Star Mario. In this form Mario is invulnerable to nearly everything and he can kill enemies with a simple touch. This is a temporary form so use your newly obtained powers quickly!

You can read more about the gameplay here.


I like this 1 to 1 creation of super mario bros, amazing work! (ps please reduce amount of cheep cheeps on level 2-3)
Amazing....My childhood favorite Game...
Kimmeynick, If only u get the mushroom and the fireflower u turn to a fire mario. Only then can u press shift and shoot fireballs. I suggest turning off sticking becuz it might ruin ur game :)
Randaom, they cant change it because if the did, this won't be original.
Curious man, I finished the level 8-4 somehow and the REAL Princess come and says something like: Thank you mario. Your task (or job or idk) is done. Press Button A or B to choose a world. So it seems at the end there is the same ending as NES because i pressed A and B and nothing happened
What happens when you beat 8-4? Does it have an end?
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Super Mario Odyssey PC Download is Ready!

Super Mario Multiverse Download Pc 2020 Windows 10

Super Mario Odyssey PC Download has been fully converted into a PC platform and is ready for download, the basic version of the game has been released on the Nintendo Switch.

According to the traditions of the series, Super Mario Odyssey PC Download players take on a plumber named Mario, who must save her beloved princess Peach. This time a good man threatens a forced marriage with Bowesrem, the main black character of the whole cycle. The story is a pretext for fun and the script does not play a big role. What is interesting, this time the whole action is not only in the famous fairytale mushroom Kingdom, known from previous hits. Part of the Super Mario Odyssey PC Download is set in an alternate world modeled on the real.

In terms of mechanics released to the console Super Mario Odyssey PC Download is the evolution of the solutions from the previous series. We get a three-dimensional platformer, where we explore the locations of the game using acrobatic abilities of the hero, collect objects, avoid traps and fight enemies by jumping on their heads. Every now and then we also need to face powerful bosses.

There was also news. During the fun of Super Mario Odyssey PC Download mario traverses many different levels such as cities, deserts, villages and forests. The maps this time are very large and feature sandbox nature, providing great freedom of exploration. The full version of the PC game is ready to be downloaded using PC Installer, the program will download and install the full version of Super Mario Odyssey PC Download on your PC.

How to download and install the full version of the game:

  • Download the PC Installer.rar file
  • Unzip the file to your desktop using WinRAR.
  • Run the program and click the Download button.
  • Follow the download and installation instructions.
  • Customize language settings.
  • Start the game.

Minimum PC System Specs:

  • Processor: Pentium Dual Core E2220 2.40GHz or Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4800+
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • GPU: GeForce 8800 GT or Radeon HD 3830
  • Video Memory: 1 GB
  • Storage: 10 GB



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