Super Mario Maker Multiverse Download

A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Super Mario Maker PC Download is a simple and easy-to-use editor that allows you to create your own levels from the game Super Mario Bros and later share them with the world. For creating the game is responsible company Nintendo, the production was created for. MarioMapEditor is the Stage Creator for Mario Multiverse, Allowing the player to make and upload Stages to Stage World. MarioMapEditor gives the Player access to various Level Elements and Stage Themes. Open the folder where you stored Mario Multiverse, when opened, Select MarioMapEditor.exe, Once it is Selected, Time.

but you can follow the game succesor
Super Mix Maker

[Mairo Maker] is a FanMade of Super Mario Maker
You can create your own Mairo Levels, download levels from others players, and play them! ¡HAVE FUN AND UPLOAD YOUR LEVEL!.
Please let your Level name in the comments :D

Fan Forum:


  • Walk = ASDW or Arrows
  • Sit=S or Down Arrow
  • Run = J
  • Jump = K
  • Joystick Xbox360 Compatibility tested
  • R= Reset the Level (when you're die or win)
  • Enter = Play another random Level (when you're die or win)
  • Esc = back to main menu (when you're die or win)
  • Left Click = Created and select tool
  • Right Click + Mouse Move = Move the camera


  • Trampoline (effects on enemy and player)
  • Movil Platform Left to Right
  • Pirana plant (Can destroy by Thwomp,KoopaShell and Flowerpower )
  • Shadows (Like the original Super mario maker).
  • Fixed some issues

* UPDATE VERSION 1.6.5 24/OCT/2015*

  • Thwomp (Destoy 1 line of Blocks by fall)
  • Big Thwomp (Destoy all the block on his way)
  • Mini pirana plant (Cant destroy by Thwomp,KoopaShell and Flowerpower )
  • Platform (Move Up Down)
  • Now mario have a extra jump when you are jumping on a Enemy and pressing the jump button.

*UPDATE VERSION 1.6.3 22/OCT/2015*

  • add Box collider to player
  • No Spam music
  • Fix starpower stop when you get a powerup
  • More speed when you run
  • Pswitch change all coins and blocks of level
  • slot issues fixed
  • enemys dont push you when you are invulnerable


  • GameStyleChanger!!!
  • Music Selection
  • Changes in UI of Edit Map
  • Reduced area for edit map
  • News Backgrounds for Game styles
  • New sounds
  • New music
  • and more stuff that you dont see it :P


Super Mario Maker Multiverse Download
  • *News Enemys
  • FireBall (Move: UpDown)
  • FireBalls (Move: Rotation)
  • Bowser (Can Shoot Fire and Can Jump and Move)
  • *New Items
  • Flower Power
  • BlockQuestion Flower power
  • *New Ground
    Bowser Castle Ground

Note: Mushroom and Flower are independients items so the player can get the flower power without before get Mushroom.


  • For get a better experience in levels created by another players NOW YOU NEED PLAY AND BEAT YOUR CREATED LEVEL TO UPLOAD.
  • IMPORTANT CHANGES IN INTERFACE more like super mario maker
  • Now the invisible walls are Spike traps
  • New Enemy 'Spiny'
  • Now you can defeat enemys pushing blocks
  • Big mairo can sit down and slide with 'S' or 'Down Arrow'
  • New style mushroom
  • Fix slides on the player
  • Fix some collitions
  • Sound on enemy die
  • Particles on block destroy


  • Changes in levels list
  • Levels list order by 'top most rate', 'top most played', 'new leveles', 'all levels'.
  • Now you can search a level by the name.
  • NEW BUTTON : Play a random level
  • New feature : Now you can Rate Levels (Like it or Dont like it) the levels that you play. Please dont abuse of this feature or the level will be deleted.
  • Now you can change the background : Dark or Blue sky (For now).
  • -P-Switch [Only works with Red bricks (without drops) and coins]
  • -Star power [You can die in water o lava, or dead zone fall]


  • *Cant't Download Levels FIXED
  • *Some modifications in UI and Now the levels are downloaded more fast :)
  • *Server changed
  • *List of Levels now is Order by Map name
  • *More of 90 Levels. Thanks to the players :)


  • Levels samples and uploadeds has been delete and added new sample levels. (this will not happen again).
  • New Enemy added (Koopa Troopa) Kickeable
  • Added Pusheables Blocks
  • Added Dropeables Blocks
  • Added Brekeables Blocks
  • Added Enemies killed by KoopaTroopa kicked
  • Water
  • Lava
  • Misc modifications of GUI.
  • New items (Coins and Mushroom)
  • Mushroom only have the power of break bricks
Super Mario Maker Multiverse Download


  • -Create your level (The default open slotsave is Slot 0, open another slot if you want)
  • -Can play your level (When you push play button, this autosave in the current slot)
  • -Example music added native
  • -Click right + move mouse =move camera
  • -Buttons For crafting(Hammer) and delete crafting items(Trash)
  • -Button for only camera(Camera)
  • -Button for upload your level
  • -Buttons of crafting items sort by categories
  • -Save your created level in local (limited slots and careful, is one click save & Rewritting in same time)
  • -Load your created level in local (limited slots and one click load over current level
  • -Search List of All Uploaded Levels from another players

NOTE: you cant delete your uploaded level, so becarefull. save your level on local slot until that level are finished, then upload it.


Items and PowerUps

  1. Mushroom (Grow up and break bricks)
  2. Coin
  3. P-Switch (Change the red bricks with dont drop to Coins and viceversa)
  4. Star
  5. Flower

Blocks (Pusheable and drops)

  1. Question Block (Mushroom)
  2. Question Block (Coin)
  3. Question Block (7 coins)
  4. Question block (Star)
  5. Question block (P-Switch)
  6. Brick Block green (7 coins)
  7. Brick Block Red (7 coins)
  8. Brick Block green (Mushroom)
  9. Brick Block Red (Mushroom)
  10. BlockQuestion (Flower power)


  1. Ground Red
  2. Ground Green
  3. Pipe
  4. Water(player die)
  5. Lava(Player die)
  6. Bowser Castle Ground

Bricks (Now pusheables)

  1. Brick Red (Pusheable and break with kicked koopa)
  2. Brick Green (Pusheable and break with kicked koopa)
  3. Block Red
  4. Block Green

Enemies (can be killed jump on it)

  1. Spike trap (Player die on touch)
  2. Red Goomba
  3. Gray Goomba
  4. Koopa Troopa(Kickeable)
  5. Koopa Spiny
  6. FireBall (Move: UpDown)
  7. FireBalls (Move: Rotation)
  8. Bowser (Can Shoot Fire and Can Jump and Move)

Level Objects

  1. Spawn point (spawn player)
  2. Finish point(Flag)

I made this game because i dont have a wiiu and i want a mario maker so bad.All of sprites and characters are property of nintendo. i dont monetizing this project but if you want to donate, you are welcome :)
Sorry for my bad english.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Sep 17, 2015
AuthorRobert vega
Tags2D, fanmade, mairo, maker, mario, mario-maker, strobert
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Joystick


Super Mario Maker Multiverse Download

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yo dude because its canned can you make it open source? i would love to mess around with this in unity!

i was playing dustbelief and this is what happened

i seemed to dodge half of his attacks and i used 'SIL' as my name

you can try this game instead bro :D

please update who cares about nintendo canceling it

you can try this instead

im sure would remove this if it continued to be updated even after nintendo told them to stop so nintendo wont file a lawsuit against or the creator.

this comment has a point, you can try this too

thats the best recommendation. or

Ummm? Sorry im not trying to be rude or anything but that sucked :( pls fix

Este juego ya no tendra actualizaciones sorry bro. pero puedes jugar a supermixmaker, su susesor

oye robert podrias hacer que el servidor de mairo maker funcione te lo agradeceria me mandas el link del mairo maker arreglado

Ahah cancelled by nintendo but downloadable !


thanks men, but sorry this project was cancelled because nintendo copyrights. here is my new game based on this game but isnt the same.

Super Mario Maker Multiverse Download Pc

This new game isnt just super mario games. this wiil have more gameplays and styles in the future :) but the old game (mairo maker servers) still working :)

And if you want to donate, you can do it directly in this link. thanks for the support :)

Donate >

The link doesnt seem to work, did this shut down too?

hi, is a server that i bought for another projects but works for this game too. greetings!

This project is really impressive. I like it. Do you use Photon or another system for network? Could it be possible to get the source code later?

Super mario maker multiverse download

Hi I used WWW class for connect to a WebServer where i storing the levels in a Database. this game dont have any Unity's Multiplayer networking or Photon. :) The Souce code now is a little chaos :P this need a little modification and documentation. whenthe project isfinished maybe i going to release the SourceCode.

One of the big hits for the Nintendo Wii U was Super Mario Maker. It was such a huge hit that Nintendo threw some shrinking dust on it an managed to bring it to the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS.

Meet Your Maker

Mario Multiverse Free Download

The idea of Super Mario Maker is very clever and actually, when you think about it its surprising Nintendo had not done this before. Basically, you are the creator and you can come up with your own Super Mario Bros levels. So if you have been playing Mario for years, now you can come up with your own stages.

Do The Mario

One thing that is really neat about Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS is the way it lets you make four different Mario games. You can make games based on Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. Each game has its own art style as well as differences in the enemies and the things that you can place in the world.For example, if you place Bowser in New Super Mario Bros then you switch the level to the original Super Mario Bros he is going to look and behave differently. It is very clever and it also makes you think about the kind of level that you want to create.You also have the choice of above ground, underground, water, ghost house, airship and Bowser castle levels to create. You really do have a lot of choice at your fingertips when it comes to creating your world.

Share With The World

Once you have created your own masterpiece of a level you can upload it so other players can try and beat it…. actually you have to play through your level once from start to beginning before you can upload it. This is to stop people from uploading levels that are unbeatable so I do feel that it is fair.

The Nintendo Way

Nintendo has created a lot of levels for this game and there is a little bit of a “quest mode” that you can play through. By beating the different Nintendo levels you get a better idea of what works and what does not work when it comes to making levels. Plus it is always a good thing to have some 2D Super Mario levels to play through. I actually spent a lot of time playing these Nintendo created levels and had a great time doing so.

This Is Nuts!

Some of the levels that you will download in Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS are just crazy. How people come up with these things is beyond me, but it does make for some interesting levels. I do think that some people go too far in trying to create a level that shows how smart they are rather than making a fun level and this is my main criticism of the game. It is always annoying when you download a level thinking it will be fun, but then it turns out it is not fun. Still, I have played hundreds and I mean hundreds of amazingly creative levels and the community that is around this game is really cool.

Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo 3DS is well worth playing. It is very easy to make your own levels, you have a ton of pre made levels to enjoy and above all else, it is just a really fun game. The 3DS version is great I have played it on a New 2DS XL as well as an older 3DS and it is great on both devices. If you love Super Mario, you will love this game. I would go as far to say this is essential for any Nintendo 3DS collection….. well until the inevitable Nintendo Switch port comes out of course.



  • Features lots of pre made levels
  • Encourages creative play
  • There is a never ending supply of player created levels
  • Four different Mario styles
  • It has a lot of charm


Mario Multiverse Maker Game Download

  • Some user created levels are more annoying than fun
  • The download and upload process is a little slow

Mario Multiverse Game Download


Super Mario Maker Multiverse Download Free

Overall rating: 9