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The freeware stress test tool HeavyLoad was developed to bring your PC to its limits. It can be installed on any edition of Windows and client/server versions (32-bit and 64-bit) currently supported by Microsoft.
HeavyLoad puts your workstation or server PC under a heavy load and lets you test whether they will still run reliably.

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  • You can use LoadView to run a stress test on the website, complex web applications, API, or web services.

Be mobile: Install HeavyLoad as a portable version e.g. on a USB stick and use it wherever needed!

In that case, MemTest64 is a perfect tool that lets you stress test RAM without spending a dime or navigating through the bootable mess. Simply put, MemTest64 is a modern and lightweight program that comes with a GUI interface and is amply capable to test the RAM against various errors. The Bipolar Test is for individuals who have mood swings - or unusual or extreme shifts in mood and energy. The Eating Disorder Test can help explore eating related concerns that have an impact on your physical health and overall well-being. The PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Test is for those who are bothered by a traumatic life event. Free Booter is a free IP Stresser tool made for you to stress test your servers without spending a cent on it. We provide powerful stress test generating 5Gbps each. Our stress tests are amplified with the DNS protocol for best results. Today's booters overcharge you for low quality stress test that generate low traffic.

Check your most important systems in advance to see whether they can withstand the highest loads.
No matter if CPU, GPU, RAM, hard disk, or all of them together: HeavyLoad takes it to the limit!
Thanks to an intuitive graphical user interface and visual feedback, no expert knowledge is required.
Stress Test Tool Online

The main window offers a clean and modern user interface which allows to quickly start the application and to see the stress HeavyLoad puts on your PC.

In the „Options“ dialog you can configure the tool according to your requirements or set advanced settings such as time limit or used CPU cores.

The Windows Task Manager can be opened from within HeavyLoad via the Extras menu to quickly assess your system's performance.

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Heavyload is a System Utilities Benchmarking software developed by JAM Software GmbH. To stress your PC or server, HeavyLoad writes a large test-file to the temp folder, it allocates physical and virtual memory, performs complex calculations and it draws patterns in its window.


Stress Test Tool OnlineStress Test Tool Online

No more server stress-out

Free Stress Test Online

Use sensors to automatically and continuously monitor CPU and memory usage. No longer worry about processor load limits!