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OCCT is the most popular all-in-one stability check & stress test tool available.OCCT is great at generating heavy loads on your components ( CPU, GPU, Memory, GPU Memory & Power supply ) , and aims at detecting hardware errors or stability issues faster than anything else.A monitoring engine is also embedded, to ease diagnostic and see how your computer reacts under heavy load using graphs.

OCCT is free for personal use only !

If you are running OCCT in a corporate or commercial environment, you have to buy a PRO license to use OCCT

I see an increasing number of companies downloading the free version of OCCT and shamelessly using it in their corporate environment.The free version of OCCT is meant to make OCCT as useful and widely used as possible. This has been the case since it started, back in 2003.

IntelBurn Test is another CPU stress testing tool that will help you push your CPU to the max in order to determine if it is stable. Like Prime95, IntelBurn Test also gets some flack for pushing the processor further than necessary. And, many feel that IntelBurn Test puts even more unnecessary stress on your processor than Prime95 does. Some of the stress testing tools are discussed in this article. Top 10 Stress Testing Tools. The overflow of the buffer is the best example of stress testing. Disproportionate input can cause crashes that are equipped for the applications. Generally, all of the performance testing tools and testing tools can also be used for stress testing.

This time, when you do this, you aren't stealing from a big company !

OCCT isn't enough to make a living as of now (far from it). Please support me and participate in keeping the free edition... free for everyone !

Personal edition

6 Tests

OCCT includes 6 different tests : OCCT and Linpack for your CPU, Memory for testing system RAM, 3D and VRAM for your Graphic card, and Power to stress your power supply. You can even monitor your PC while using an external app to generate reports using the Monitoring-only test !


OCCT will monitor your computer's reading and present you real-time graphs showing you temperatures, voltages, fan speed, frequencies, component usage, and power consumption during your tests. We are using the AWESOME engine from HwInfo !

Built-in protection for your computer

Worried about frying your components ? Turn the maximum temperature threshold in OCCT's options ! Should a component reach this critical temperature during a test, OCCT will stop itself immediately.

Test report

At the end of a test, you will be able to save a full graphical report of what happened during the test, for diagnostic purposes.

Pro edition

Allowed to run on domain-joined computers

OCCT's free edition won't run on computers joined to domain, this version removes that limit entirely

CSV readings export

OCCT will generate a CSV files containing all the monitoring readings upon saving a test report. Use it to build your own graphs !

Enterprise edition

Build your own test

Chain different test phases to build your own schedule. Everything is done graphically in the app, using drag&drop, for an easy configuration ! You can also export test configurations to a file

Detailed test report

ToolNpm test no test specified

Gain access to fully detailed, fine-grain test reports in HTML file format (single-file), allowing you to analyze easily the behaviour of your computer during the test, and use it as a comparison point between two different test runs.Preview it here !

Command-line support

Start OCCT with command-line switches, to automatically start a test, choose where to output the report, configure the report name,...

Please be aware that all sales are final.

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Stress Test Tool Npm Tool

  • All Tests available
  • Embedded Monitoring
  • Overheat protection
  • No waiting time
  • Test Reports