Staad Pro V8i Steel Design Tutorial

STAAD Pro stands for Structural Analysis and design. STAAD Pro v8i Software is widely used in analyzing and designing structures – buildings, bridges, towers, transportation, industrial and utility structures. Perform comprehensive analysis and design for any size or type of structure faster than ever before using the new STAAD.Pro V8i. BENTLEY's STAAD-PRO v8i is a structural designing software used around the globe for this purpose. Software consist of different STANDARD BUILDING CODES of many countries (e.g china,USA,India,etc.) inbuilt. All play important roles in respective countries as these are the standards set by countries. User can Analyse and design. STAAD Pro v8i Software is widely used in analyzing and designing structures – buildings, bridges, towers, transportation, industrial and utility structures. STAAD Pro helps structural engineers automate their tasks by removing the tedious and long procedures of the manual methods. Here is the complete learning of STAAD Pro Software. Categories Civil Engineering Articles, Civil Engineering Articles for Mobile, Staad Pro v8i, Videos and Documentaries Tags analysis of multi story building in staad, Autocad, column design in staad, concrete design in staad, concrete in staad, ETABS, flat slab in staad, p6, primevera, primevera p6, SAP2000and, seismic analysis in staad, staad.

Staad Pro is a structural analysis software used by mostly Civil Engineering Community to do 3 Dimensional analysis and design of various types of structure. I personally use this for Concrete & Steel Structure analysis. If you would love to learn this software then go down and watch the listed video one by one.

What is Staad Pro Software?

Staad pro is a 3 dimensional analysis and design software, You can analysis any kind of structure like Concrete, steel, aluminum, cold-formed steel structure and timber using this program easily. It has more than 90 design codes available for various country. Staad pro has been developed by Research Engineers International at Yorba Linda, CA in 1997. Research Engineers was bought by Bentley Systems later. Currently this program is marketed by Bentley Systems.

What can I do Using the Software?

You can do 3 Dimensional Analysis for any type of structure including gravity load analysis, seismic load, finite elements analysis, design beam, column and walls, Cold-formed steel members analysis, lateral resisting frames analysis, integrated slab and foundation design, steel connection designs. Producing a design documentation is also a great features of this software.

Why do I Learn Staad Pro Software?

If you are in the Civil Engineering community may be you are a student of have some little experience or have many experience but want to lean Structural Design, then you can learn this software. Basically it make the structural analysis and design easy for you. Compared to manual analysis and design, Staad Pro helps you to save lots of time. And even it is very difficult to do 2 dimensional analysis in hand, whereas 3 dimensional analysis is possible using this software with very less effort.

Do I Need this if I am in the Civil Engineering Construction Industry?

Actually this software for structural engineering profession, It can do only structural analysis and design of any kind of structure. Construction industry does not need this type of services, so it is not necessary for you to learn this software if you are in Construction Industry. People who are intended to work on structural engineering professional can collect this program and leran.


What can I Learn from this Video Course?

I have made these videos on Concrete Structure analysis and design. Watching all these 12 videos you will be able to learn how to complete a 3 dimensional modeling of concrete frame structure step by step. All the required step has been explained properly to practically complete a project which includes structural analysis and design, member sizing, reinforcement finding, reaction finding and how to check various forces like bending moment, shear forces and axial forces for column.

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Introduction to Staad Pro V8i V 01


Multistoried steel structure is now a day’s popular due to its quick installation project. Reduce time of construction and increase productivity of the industry. Fabricating all the structural component like column, beam, bracing all could be connected through bolt in the field. To complete Structural design of multistoried steel structure you need to use any 3D structural modeling software like Staad pro or any other. In this video tutorial series I have used Staad pro for a complete design of structure. Steel structure is mostly used for industrial purposes where quick construction is important. It’s also used in residential project but a little bit lesser than industrial project.

What is this Video Tutorial?


This is complete video tutorial series of multistoried steel structure analysis and design. I have showed from start to finish how to complete structural analysis and design using Staad Pro software completely free. All types of load like DL, LL, wind and earthquake has been applied in the model. If you do not have this program you can download from here for free.

Why use Staad Pro Software?

Staad pro is a much known structural analysis and design software across the world. Civil Engineers are using this software to perform 3D analysis and design for any kind of low and high rise structure. And especially in some country Staad pro is used to perform steel structure analysis and design. Personally I am using this program to perform any kind of steel structure analysis and design. But it is not necessary to use this software to complete design of any steel structure. But here I have use Staad pro, if you are interested to his software then you can watch videos.

What is the design code used for this design tutorial?

There is lots of design code to design any structure in different country. I have used here my local code which is similar with UBC. All the load applied on this structure as per the UBC requirement. Wind, earthquake, Dead and Live load has been calculated and applied as per the requirement of the UBC design code. You have to calculate load as per your local code requirement. Here is the procedure of doing any complete project using any code. Using this procedure you can do any kind of structure as per any code.

What will I learn from this series after watching all the videos?

After watching all the videos on this series you will be able to perform multistoried steel structure analysis and design using Staad Pro software. I have showed step by step how to complete 3D modeling then define load, assign various load including later load and finally perform analysis and design. If you watch all the video of this series hope you will be able to work with this software. This video series is for multistoried structure. You can also learn industrial steel shed design here and Steel truss roof design here.

If you are interested in learning Staad pro software then you can watch this video series. If you know nothing about this software you can start from this video. I have showed everything from the beginning. It has covered beginner to advance level of learning. There are total 9 videos in this post. Watch all the videos and learn this software completely. There is also another video tutorial series on multistoried concrete structure analysis and design, you can find that here.

Watch the following videos to learn how to design multistoried steel structure in staad pro software (Complete Video Series).

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Creating 3D Model for Multistoried Steel Structure in Staad Pro V8i V#01

Define and Assign Members for Multistoried Steel Structure in Staad Pro V8i V#02


Staad Pro V8i Tutorial Pdf

Define and Assign Gravity Load for Multistoried Steel Structure in Staad Pro V8i V#03

Making and Deleting Storey for Multistoried Steel Structure in Staad Pro V8i V#04

Editing 3D Model for Multistoried Steel Structure in Staad Pro V8i V#05


Wind and Earthquake Load for Multistoried Steel Structure in Staad Pro V8i V#06

Define Load Combinations for Multistoried Steel Structure in Staad Pro V8i V#07

Analysis and Checking Various Forces for Multistoried Steel Structure in Staad Pro V8i V#08

Staad Pro Versions

Design and Checking Sway or Deflection for Multistoried Steel Structure in Staad Pro V8i V#09