Sharples As 26 Centrifuge Manual

Sharples centrifuge as 26 manual Menu. Home; Translate. Read Online Letter To Complainant After Harassment Investigation rtf. Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. Sharples A-26 Continuous Centrifuge. Manufacturer: Sharples. Make/Model: A-26. Availability: Available for scheduled use. Contact Zhiyou Wen at [email protected] Used Sharples P3400 Decanter Centrifuge wetted parts 316L stainless steel. Conveyor has hard facing and bowl has 360 degree solids discharge sharples decanter centrifuge manual at - Download free pdf files,ebooks and documents of sharples decanter centrifuge manual catalogue of tomoe sharples centrifuge book results. Sharples/Alfa Laval manufacture hi-speed vertical tubular bowl centrifuge units that spin at 15000 RPM. For batch type process, this centrifuge was designed for clarifier, 2 phase liquid/liquid, liquid/solids having very low solids content, or separator, 3 phase liquid/liquid/solids again having very low solids. » Sharples AS-26 Clarifier Centrifuge. Sharples AS-26 Clarifier Centrifuge Other Views - click image for larger view. STOCK# 11549 Capacity 5 HP. Description Used Pennwalt AS-26 Supercentrifuge. 7,000 rpm bowl speed, 5 liter stainless steel bowl, swing-away head.

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Subject to centrifugal forces, the denser solid particles are pressed outwards against a rotating bowl wall, while the less dense liquid phase forms a concentric inner layer in a decanter centrifuge. Different dam plates are used to vary the depth of the liquid – the so-called pond – as required. The sediment formed by the solid particles is continuously removed by the screw conveyor, which rotates at a different speed than the bowl. As a result, the solids are gradually “ploughed” out of the pond and up the conical “beach”.

The centrifugal force compacts the solids and expels the surplus liquid. The dried solids then discharge from the bowl. The clarified liquid phase or phases overflow the dam plates situated at the opposite end of the bowl. Baffles within the centrifuge casing direct the separated phases into the correct flow path and prevent any risk of cross-contamination.

Sharples As 26 Centrifuge Manual

Sharples Centrifuge How It Works

The speed of the screw conveyor may be automatically adjusted by use of the variable frequency drive (VFD) in order to adjust to variation in the solids load.

We are an owner-managed family-run company with short reaction times, constant contact persons and individual service.
The company founder Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Winkelhorst started his career in 1958 as an employee at the Fa. Westfalia Separator and earned comprehensive procedural and machinery knowledge, which he introduced into the company, Winkelhorst Trenntechnik GmbH, after 20 years of practical activity for Westfalia Separator.
Both his sons have taken over the Management, meanwhile; Stephan Winkelhorst still is active in the company.
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Sharples Centrifuge P3400 Manual

Based on 50 years of experience in the field of centrifugal separation technology, we were able to acquire procedural and machinery know how, with the result to be able to supply our customers compentent counselling that covers all manufacturers.
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The centrifuges, we deliver, go through a complete- or service overhaul, from our side. The overhauls are being carried out and supervised by experienced experts. Before delivery the centrifuges are undergone extensive tests on our own engine test bed. On request the centrifuges are delivered without any overhaul, „as is“.
General overhaul in 12 steps:
The general overhaul covers, in extend to the work steps of service overhaul, a complete disassembly of the machines in order to measure and test more precisely.
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Service overhaul in 7 steps:
In the context of service overhaul our specialists test the most important machine parts for wear and tear. Bearings and seals are being replaced.
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Sharples P3400 Decanter Centrifuge Specs

Our large stock consists of separators decanters and miscellaneous industrial centrifuges of well known manufacturers as GEA Westfalia Separator, Alfa Laval, Flottweg, Siebtechnik etc. for almost all purposes.
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Pennwalt Sharples Centrifuge Manual


On purchase of a second hand, but general overhauled centrifuge with warranty of Centrimax you can save up to 70% opposing the cost of a new machine.

Before delivery, we undergo our general-overhauled centrifuges a comprehensive function test on our engine test bed. Only after successful passing all tests, we deliver our machines with a 7 month warranty aboard or 13 month warranty within Germany.

Sharples Centrifuge Parts

Character of a new machine throughout general overhaul.
In order to receive a durable, dependable and long-life centrifuge, you should buy second hand centrifuges from centrifuge specialists, only.