Shaders For Minecraft Windows 10 2020

Sildurs Vibrant Shader 1.16.3 Download Minecraft Shaders 1.16.3 December 16, 2020 How To Install Forge & Optifine Forge makes modding a lot easier and will sometimes save you if you’re struggling to change everything in your game. If you are going to pair it with OptiFine. I would like suggestions for Shaders for Minecraft Windows 10. I tested the 'Sildur's Vibrant shaders v1.262 High-Motionblur' Shader in the Java version and loved it. However I like the Windows 10 version better and would like a similar shader that works on it, a shader that modifies lighting, shadows, water and if it is possible to move in the.

When you install shaders in Minecraft, you can customize the graphics in any way you want and make the game look way more beautiful. Shader packs can help you toss out the only considerable setback of the game, the visuals. So, I and many other Minecraft players use shaders to boost the game graphics. If you also want to install and use Shader packs but don’t know where to start, this post is specially written for you.

Here, I will guide you on how to install shaders in Minecraft. I’ll explain the whole procedure, from scratch, in the simplest possible manner. Just go through this guide and you’ll have the essential shaders up and running with your game.


  • 1 What are Minecraft Shaders?
  • 2 How to Install Shaders in Minecraft?

What are Minecraft Shaders?

Minecraft is an ever-trending and ever-popular game that has been there for over 11 years now. It has been gaining new players every single day and at a great pace. What makes Minecraft so loved by the players is the addictive gameplay. However, some players feel that the graphics of the game are bit outdated and simple. That’s why they try to tweak the settings and enhance them. Minecraft Shaders are just like the mods, but they work to revamp the game graphics.

The Shader packs work by modifying the way Minecraft renders its lighting and shadows to improvise the visuals efficiently. They are an excellent way to change the complete game visuals. Using them, you can add new lights, better graphics, realistic shadows, and make many other customizations. However, you will need a good computer with enough requirements to make them work. Your PC must have enough processing power to boost the graphics.

Where to Find them?

Minecraft shaders are often used by the players who want enhancements in the game visuals. They are very popular in the Minecraft community. There are countless shader packs available on the web.

We even have a dedicated post to the Best Minecraft Shaderson our website. You can go through it and pick the ones that you find the most appealing.

How to Install Shaders in Minecraft?

In order to install Minecraft Shaders, you will need another Minecraft graphics tool known as Optifine and a Minecraft Mods manager, preferably Forge. The process is very simple. It might appear a bit confusing when you take a look for the first time. But, when you begin the work, it only takes a few simple clicks. We’ve simplified it even further into simple steps. Just follow these and you’ll be able to give the game a whole new look.

Note: You will need Java to install Minecraft shaders and use them. So, if you don’t have it yet, get it before proceeding with the steps below.

Step-1: Download and Install OptiFine.

OptiFine is a Minecraft mod that works to enhance game performance and graphics. It can help you eliminate any lag and make it run in 60 fps or more. The first thing you need to do is download and install OptiFine on your PC. To do that, follow these instructions.

  • Visit and select the version that suits your game and system. I’d recommend choosing the Ultra Version.
  • Now download it.
  • Once the file is downloaded, go to the OptiFine Installer, right-click on it, choose Open with… and then choose Java (TM) Platform SE.
  • Next, click on Install.

Once OptiFine is installed, you can continue to the further steps. You can also install Forge to manage OptiFine and other Minecraft Mods.

Step-2: Pick the Right Shaders and Download them.

The next thing you need to do is choose the shaders that you want to install. You can visit the sources mentioned above, do a Google search, or visit our post mentioning the Best Minecraft Shaders to choose the ones that you want. After selecting, download all the Shaders that you want on your PC.

The Shaders that you download will be available in the .ZIP file. Don’t extract them right now. Just move them to a single folder, so that they are easy to locate.

Step-3: Now go to the Shaders Folder and Move Files to Shaderspack Folder.

Once you have downloaded the Shaders that you want to install, follow these instructions.

  • Run the Minecraft launcher and play OptiFine.
  • Now click on Options and go to Video Settings.
  • Next, click on Shaders.
  • Then, go to the Shaders Folder. This will open a folder window.
  • Drag and drop the Shaders that you downloaded earlier in this Shaderspack folder.
  • Close the folder window and game.

After closing the game, continue with the below steps.

Step-4: Install Minecraft Shaders and use them.

Once you have completed the above mentioned 3 steps, follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • Run Minecraft, select OptiFine, and play it.
  • Click on Options and then go to Video Settings.
  • You will now see the installed Shaders present withing the Shaders option. Click on it and turn it on by selecting the Shaders and clicking on Done.

That’s it. You have now successfully installed shaders in Minecraft. You can now enjoy the game in a whole different way. Have fun playing.

Note: Make sure you meet the Minimum System Requirements to Use Shaders in Minecraft.

As I mentioned earlier, running Minecraft with Shaders require a lot of PC resources to process everything. So, you must have at least the minimum required specifications to play the game smoothly. Or else, you will experience lags, freezing, or even crashes. Here are the minimum system requirements that you must have to install and use Shaders in Minecraft.

  • CPU: Dual Core CPU or above from Intel/AMD
  • RAM: 4GB or more
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or better/AMD RX 580 or better
  • OS: Windows 7 to Windows 10 (64-Bit version)

And, here are the recommended specifications,

If you have a computer with specs lower than the minimum ones, then using Shaders is not recommended.

Final Words

Minecraft Shaders can help you enhance the graphics of the game efficiently. You can give your game a whole new look using them. This is how you install Minecraft shaders and use them. Make sure that you have enough resources on your PC to be able to run the game smoothly. Or else, even OptiFine won’t help to improve the visuals. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding anything mentioned in this post, feel free to reach up to me in the comments.

That’s all for this post. I hope it helps you enough. Have fun playing.

The best shaders for Minecraft Java edition of 2020! Please note that I left every shader to its default settings, so even though there are settings ingame for changing the shader quality and performance, this comparison is based on the default values.

If you play MCPE, check out the best shaders for it over here: Best MCPE shaders.

1. SEUS Renewed

Download from: Official SEUS site

Performance requirement: High

Latest version of the legendary SEUS shader. Previously I used both SEUS v10 and v11 and loved them both.

2. Sildur's Vibrant Shaders (Extreme)

Download from: Official Sildur's site

Performance requirement: Medium

Very colorful and 'happy' feeling shader. Even though this is the extreme version of the shader, the performance requirement is quite medium – even on the lower end of this list.

3. Sildur's Vibrant Shaders (Lite)

Minecraft Windows 10 Shaders 2020 Download

Download from: Official Sildur's site

Performance requirement: Medium-Low?

The previous one was the extreme version, this is the lite version. I see very little change in frame rate between the two versions. Maybe they truly are that similar in FPS, or maybe Minecraft just utilizes the extra frames to something else. Just give it a try if the higher end versions lag!

4. Chocapic13 V8 (Ultra)

Download from: Curse Forge

Performance requirement: Medium-High

I have never used Chocapic13's shaders to my knowledge, but I think it is pretty popular, so I included it in this list. Has pretty 'realistic' feeling, and decent frame rates.

Shaders For Minecraft Windows 10 2020 Release

5. Continuum 2

Download from: Official Continuum site

Performance requirement: Extreme

Shaders For Minecraft Windows 10 2020

Very realistic shader with a high performance impact. Not sure how much it can be customized for lower performance impact – as I said in the beginning, these performance values are based on the default shader settings.

6. Continuum v1.3

Download from: Official Continuum site

Performance requirement: Extreme

Honestly, I kinda prefer the older Continuum version to the new Continuum 2. I like the colors, and I used to use it in my cinematic back couple years ago. Very high performance hit, but if your computer can handle it, it can give very nice screenshots for an example.

7. KUDA Shaders v6.1


Download from: KUDA's developer site

Performance requirement: Medium

Another legendary shader, stands next to SEUS in my opinion. There's a newer shader from the same creator as KUDA called 'projectLuma', but it did not work for me for some reason – that's why I wanted to go with the classic KUDA instead.

8. Robobo1221's Shader v7.1 (Extreme)

Download from: Minecraft Forum

Performance requirement: Extreme

Shaders For Minecraft Windows 10 2020

Extreme performance requirements, very beautiful. Has very nice weather effects, which makes it really stand out in this comparison. Check out the video above!

9. Robobo1221's Shader v7.1 (Medium)

Download from: Paradox Forum (Link disabled, as I think the forum got hacked – it redirects me to scam ads)

Alternative download: Github

Best Shaders For Minecraft Windows 10 Edition 2020

Performance requirement: Medium

Best Windows 10 Edition Shaders

More performance friendly version. Has some features missing from the extreme version, but way higher frame rates. Choose the version that better suits your desktop computer or laptop!

Shader download windows 10 minecraft

10. Sushi Shaders v2

Download from: Minecraft Forum

Performance requirement: Medium

Sushi Shaders has pretty unique colors compared to the rest, so I decided to include it. I also like the water, but the color screme is a bit too cold/blue for my liking.

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