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Browse All Neo Geo Roms. Marvel VS Capcom. 5955 downs / Rating 50%. Neo Geo Action Fighting Battle. 3229 downs / No votes yet. Neo Geo Action Battle. NOTE: Sometimes when you try to load a rom and it well say that its missing a certain file so just quickly open up your zipped Neo Geo bio folder and drag it out to the open on the ROMs folder as. Here you can find the most popular ROM video games that you played in your childhood years. Neo Geo: 562: 50885: Neo Geo Pocket. N64 ROMs; NDS ROMs; WII ROMs.

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TypeConsole emulator

NeoCD-Wii is a port of the NEO-CD REDUX GameCube emulator, originally coded by Softdev. This is a Neo-Geo CD emulator.

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The Neo Geo is a cartridge-based arcade system board and home video game console released by SNK in 1990. See also: FinalBurn Neo, MAME. There are a variety of arcade emulators available in RetroPie which can emulate Neo Geo games. Home Forums PC, Console & Handheld Discussions Nintendo Wii Discussions Wii - Emulation and Homebrew GxGeo, Neo Geo for the Wii By blizzo, Nov 25, 2008 27,177 22 0.


  • Extract the zip on your SD card/USB drive. Create a folder and put your roms in it.
  • In order to enable USB2 you need ios 202.


The emulator needs a NeoGeo CD/Z bios to run. Put your NeoCD.bin file into a bios folder in the root of the SD card (e.g. SD:/BIOS/NeoCD.bin).

Working bios files:

NeoCD.bin md5 f39572af7584cb5b3f70ae8cc848aba2 crc32 df9de490

Neo Geo Rom Bios

Neo Geo Rom Wii

NeoCD.bin md5 11526d58d4c524daef7d5d677dc6b004 crc32 33697892


For each game disc, you should create a subdirectory, and copy the game data filesthere. Inside this directory, create a subdirectory called MP3, and copy the audio tracksthere, encoded to mp3. These should be name Trackxx.mp3. MP3 files can be 44.1Khzor 48Khz. To help the emulator along, encode at 128kbps or better.For example, for NEOGAME, you should have a directory tree like this:/BIOS/NEOCD.BIN/NEOGAME/IPL.TXT and all other data files/NEOGAME/MP3/TRACK02.MP3/NEOGAME/MP3/TRACK03.MP3and so on for all audio tracks.NOTE: Audio tracks should be numbered around the data track. For example, if datatrack is 1, the first audio track would be 2. The names must not contain spaces, but beexactly as shown above.


In Menu

or or Navigate the menu
Enter Directory/Confirm
Parent Directory
Select Directory/Launch Game

Selecting a directory starts the game.

In Game

or or Neogeo DPad
Emulator menu


0.5 - October 22, 2011

  • fixed artifacts on left screen border.
  • Video modes options : interlaced, progressive and filter on/off.
  • Configurable buttons (Wiimotes, Classic Controllers).
  • Games default folder : neocd.
  • Ability to save settings.
  • Browse games by page.

0.4 - September 22, 2011


Neo Geo Rom Wii U

  • fixed all black screens.
  • MP3 music now works.
  • some enhancements and more options in menu.

0.3 - September 16, 2011

Rom Neo Geo Para Wii

  • fixed some black screens. Now almost all games should start. Still some black sreens with some games and gfx bugs.
  • fixed classic controller support.

0.2 - July 11, 2011

  • initial port (Jacobeian)

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Neo Geo Rom File Type

Rom neo geo para wii

Emulador Neo Geo Wii Roms

Jacobeian, Softdev, DevkitPPC/libogc dreamteam, and L.

Neo Geo Bios Rom Download For Wii

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