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Need for Speed Underground 2 is an arcade-style racing game that improves upon the original with more race modes and competitive drifting. NFSU2 has big shoes to fill, and it does so admirably, with vastly improved graphics, new gameplay modes, and an improved interface. Need For Speed Underground 3 free. download full Version For Pc Softonic Rune factory 4 cooking guide. Need for Speed Underground 2 PC Full Version – Game balapan liar dengan banyak pilihan untuk memodifikasi mobil dan sangat populer dulu di game ps2, kini hadir untuk game pc, biasa disebut NFSU2 atau NFSUG2, game racing terbaik yang ringan.

A new game that we are all excited about is Need for Speed 2015 or Underground 3 that EA and Ghost Games revealed on 21th of May 2015. There are not much informations about the actual game so far but an official trailer has been released and all we can say is that we are highly anticipating this game because of the previous games in this series that were the beginning of the Need for Speed as we know it today, fast tuned cars which you can personalize however you desire. Both of the previous Underground series games are available on free PC games torrents and if you get them you will see how modern racing games started and how they progressed.

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Need for Speed: Underground Demo. This demo lets you play a 1 lap circuit race, single drag race or the same two races ONLINE against up to 3 other racers.

After analyzing the trailer and looking at it in detail we have came to some conclusions. The new game is inspired by some of the beloved games in the NFS series, from the customization of Underground to the world of Carbon, from the narrative style of Most Wanted to the innovation and visual of Rivals this new game is surely going to bring the best out of Need for Speed and what this games truly means. The game is scheduled for release in Fall 2015 but an official date has not been given yet.
The roam where the action will take place is called Ventura Bay and it is said to be twice the size of the one in the NFS Rivals and you’ll be able explore the fullness of the roam from the hills and canyons to the city streets full of cops that are after you.

There will be 5 ways (icons) to play this game so that you can become an “icon” and represent what Need for Speed is to you. First way of playing is called Speed and the name says it all, you live for the maxim speed and adrenaline. The second icon is Style and this is all about how you drive, the cloud of smoke that you leave behind and how many looks can you get. The third icon is Crew and this means that the game is really inspired from the previous NFS games so we presume that you will be able to build your own crew just like in NFS Carbon. The fourth icon is Build and this means that you are a true authentic mechanic who is in search for his masterpiece, a car that looks, sounds and drives like no other. And finally we have Outlaw and the title of this icon speaks for itself, you get to be chased by the cops and you will fight them to prove that you are not afraid of them in your battle for owning the streets of Ventura Bay.

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Need For Speed Underground Download Free

We are really looking forward to this game and we are waiting for an official release date and to play this game, we presume that it will be available for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Until then we can enjoy the previous NFS series games which are all available to download for free on PC from games torrents.