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This section contains details of the STAAD.Pro commands used to create STAAD input files which are read by the STAAD engine.

Note: This section was previously included as Section 5 of the Technical Reference Manual. For convenience, the section numbers from that manual are maintained here with 'TR.' in place of '5.' for the chapter number.


The STAAD.Pro graphical user interface (GUI) is normally used to create all input specifications and all output reports and displays. These structural modeling and analysis input specifications are stored in STAAD input file – a text file with extension, .STD. When the GUI opens an existing model file, it reads all of the information necessary from the STAAD input file. You may edit or create this STAAD input file and then the GUI and the analysis engine will both reflect the changes.

The STAAD input file is processed by the STAAD analysis 'engine' to produce results that are stored in several files (with file extensions such as ANL, BMD, TMH, etc.). The STAAD analysis text file (file extension .ANL) contains the printable output as created by the specifications in this manual. The other files contain the results (displacements, member/element forces, mode shapes, section forces/moments/displacements, etc.) that are used by the GUI in the post processing mode.

TR.1 Command Language Conventions
TR.3 Unit Specification
TR.5 Set Command Specification
TR.7 Page Control Commands
TR.9 No Design Specification
TR.11 Joint Coordinates Specification
TR.13 Plate and Solid Elements
TR.15 Redefinition of Joint and Member Numbers
TR.17 Rotation of Structure Geometry
TR.19 User Steel Table Specification
TR.21 Element/Surface Property Specification
TR.23 Axial Member Specifications
TR.24 Element Plane Stress and Ignore Inplane Rotation Specification
TR.26 Specifying and Assigning Material Constants
TR.28 Rigid Diaphragm Modeling
TR.30 Miscellaneous Settings for Dynamic Analysis
TR.32 Loading Specifications
TR.34 Frequency Calculation
TR.36 Calculation of Problem Statistics
TR.38 Change Specification
TR.40 Load Envelope
TR.42 Print Specifications
TR.43 Stress/Force Output Printing for Surface Entities
TR.45 Printing the Force Envelope
TR.47 Size Specification

Manual Staad Pro V8i Espanol Pdf Editor

TR.49 Code Checking Specification
TR.51 Steel and Aluminum Take Off Specification
TR.53 Concrete Design Specifications

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TR.55 Shear Wall Design

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Index of Commands