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Maglite Serial Number Date Mopar Engine Paint P4349217 Iphone 3g Emergency Call Unlock Code Extar Ep9 Problems Waldorf Blofeld License Sl Hack. The 3rd Party company's URL Links for disassembly instructions and replacement parts about Maglite 'D' Flashlights are broken and need to. The first letter indicates the location where the instrument was made, and subsequent digits indicate the year the instrument was made. Example: A serial number starting with W17 indicates the guitar was built in Korea, in 2017. See below for location initials. S, US, W = Korea; SI, US (on Premier Series guitars) = Indonesia; C.

Complete Tailcap Assembly for D Cell Maglite Flashlights that begin with a 'D' in the serial number that contain a flange base bulb.
Includes the following parts:
Tailcap 201-191*
Tailcap O-Ring 108-207
Lamp Protector 108-037**
Battery Spring 108-032
*Available in black body color only.
**This is for the flange style bulb only! Does not fit the bi-pin style bulb.


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  • UPC: NA
  • Brand: Maglite Parts
  • Availability: 13
  • $18.95

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Can date of manuf. be determined by the serial # on a Maglite, and do folks even concern themselves with that?
New guy here, from West Virginia. Great forum, folks. I stumbled onto it while looking for LED upgrades for my four old 2D and 3D incan Mags, after just getting a new 3D Mag LED.
Ive been reading the FAQs and threads of interest for 2 days now. Seems like some friendly knowledgable folks here. I can sure see a hot rodded Mag in my near future.
I'm on many other forums, and have met some great folks. I didn't even know this world existed !! I love it, but I know it's gonna cost me some $$.