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No because unsupported Logos 7 lacks compatibility fixes for macOS 10.15 Catalina. Logos 8.8 and Verbum 8.8 are the initial desktop releases that work on macOS 10.15 Catalina. Personally liking revamped context menu (right click) in Logos 8.8 & Verbum 8.8. If want to use Logos 7.19, then macOS 10.14 Mojave is the latest usable macOS. The video below demonstrates a tutorial walking through the process of using the DosDude Catalina patcher tool to install the macOS 10.15 system software on an unsupported Mac. If you’re going to attempt to install MacOS Catalina on an unsupported Mac, do so at your own risk, and let us know how it goes in the comments below. Mac Hardware Requirements. For details about your Mac model, click the Apple icon at the top left of your screen and choose About This Mac. These Mac models are compatible with macOS Catalina: MacBook (Early 2015 or newer) MacBook Air (Mid 2012 or newer) MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 or newer) Mac mini (Late 2012 or newer) iMac (Late 2012 or newer.


Installing a new version of the macOS is not as difficult as you might think. More often than not, your Mac will tell you if there is an available update via popup notifications. In some cases, the update will be downloaded directly on your Mac. It’ll just wait for you to initiate the installation process. Though it rarely happens, there are times when the entire macOS update installation process gets stuck or frozen. If you get caught in such situation, fear not because we made this guide to help you get through, but before we proceed with the steps you have to take, allow us to enumerate the possible reasons why your macOS update installation is stuck.

Why macOS Installation is Stuck

There are many possible reasons why the macOS update installation is interrupted. One is that the power may have been cut off in the middle of the update. Another reason is that there might be no sufficient space on your Mac or there are other hardware issues with your Mac that need to be checked and fixed before updating. Hence, it is always a great idea to run a system check before performing an OS update on your Mac.

Why the macOS Update Can’t Be Downloaded

Now, if your Mac can’t download the update, here are a few things you should try:

1. Check the server of Apple.

Often, when Apple releases a new update, many people will want to download it, which causes issues with Apple’s servers. So, the first thing you have to do if you ever want to try downloading the update is to check the System Status page of Apple to know if there are any known issues with the macOS software update.

2. Connect to the Internet via a wired connection.

Sometimes, downloading becomes faster if you connect to the Internet via wired connection than a WiFi.

3. Try to cancel the macOS update download.

There are times when the solution to a stuck macOS update can be found on the Mac App Store. First, you have to find the software update you are downloading. Next, press the Option or the ALT key. At this point, you should see an option that allows you to cancel your download. If you cancel the macOS update download, you can start over again. By attempting to restart the download, hopefully, no problems will be encountered.

4. Download the update from Apple’s support website.

If you are having problems downloading the macOS update from the Mac App Store, you may go to Apple’s website instead. Go here if you want to stay in the loop for any software update for your Mac.

How to Know if the macOS Update Installation Has Stalled

In most cases, if there is a problem with the installation process, your screen will display an Apple logo with a status bar indicating the progress of the software. And then, there is this little graphics that people call the “spinning beach ball.” Often times, you may also see a grey, white, or black screen. For some Macs, the screen becomes so dark that one might not be able to tell if it is switched on or not. Before you force reboot your Mac due to a frozen macOS update installation, be sure the installation is no longer running in the background. Otherwise, you might lose all your valuable data. Better yet, check out the handy tips we have for you below:

1. Check if your Mac is really stuck or frozen.

For you to be able to conclude if your Mac is stuck or frozen during the installation process, you have to check a few things. There are times when the update takes very, very long that you might be forced to believe that the macOS update installation is stuck. If you give it a few more hours, it might end up completing the update. To avoid being caught in situations like this, it is better to perform the upgrade at night, so you can just leave your Mac overnight to get the task completed.

Believe it or not, updates may often take 16 hours or more to complete. This is especially true if Apple has just released the latest version of their Mac OS. Take note that the progress bar will only give you a rough estimate on how long the installation will take. Usually, it will initially show that the process will only be a two-hour wait. Eventually, it will add 30 minutes, another hour, before it finally jumps down to 15 minutes. Just be patient and give your Mac enough time since it is doing its best to try and install the update as quickly as possible.


2. Check the Log to know if your Mac is still installing the update.

To check the Log, just press Command + L. You should then see all critical information and details regarding the amount of time needed for the installation. It may also give you an idea about the files that are being installed and the remaining time left.

3. Be patient and wait.

If you think that the installation is not stuck, have patience and wait for the process to be completed.

How to Fix a Frozen macOS Update

Now, if you are sure that your Mac is not responding to the macOS update installation, then we recommend you follow the steps below:

1. Shut down your Mac. Wait a couple more seconds before restarting it.

First, press and hold the power button to switch off your Mac. Give it time to cool down before restarting it again.

2. Check the Mac App Store and inspect Updates.

If you were installing an app when the update installation got stuck, go to the Mac App Store and hit Updates. Here, you will see the updates or installation processes that have been paused or stopped.

3. Check if files are being installed by showing the Log screen.

Once the progress bar appears, press the Command + L keys to ensure the files required for the installation of the update are there. If the Log screen tells you that nothing is happening, proceed to the next step.

4. Install the Combo updater.

We mentioned that the Mac App Store is not the only place to find a macOS update. Apple also hosts a macOS update on their website. So, you can try to download from there. We highly recommend getting your OS update from Apple’s website if you are having problems with the installation. Why? That is because the version available on Mac App Store often contains only the files required to update your Mac.

If you get the OS update from Apple’s website, you can download the Combo updater, which already includes all the files needed to update your Mac and its OS. The version you can download from Apple’s website can replace all your system files, ensuring a successful update.

5. Perform the installation in Safe Mode.

Running your Mac in Safe Mode while performing the OS update sometimes helps prevent problems with the installation. To start your Mac in Safe Mode, press the power button while you hold down the shift key. Next, go to the Mac App Store and start updating your apps. Finally, reboot your computer.

6. Clear valuable storage space.

If the installation doesn’t push through because there is no sufficient storage space available, then you might need to delete unwanted files and trash on your Mac. You can use tools like Tweakbit MacRepair for this.

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7. Reset your NVRAM.

If running your Mac in Safe Mode does not solve the problem, try restarting your Mac and holding down the following keys: Command, Option, P, and R. Doing this will reset your NVRAM. After that, wait for your Mac to restart. Check if it resumes with the update installation.

8. Run your Mac in Recovery Mode and attempt to reinstall macOS.

Your final resort is to restart your Mac in Recovery Mode. To do that, hold down the Command + R keys during startup. You will then be presented with some options. You may recover your Mac from your most recent Time Machine backup. You may also perform a quick disk repair. However, we suggest you select the Install New OS option.

Choosing the Install New OS option will overwrite any problematic files with the correct ones. Unfortunately, this won’t include the most recent version of the OS. So, you might need to check and apply any latest software updates manually.

9. Install the newest macOS update from an external drive.

If you still experience problems with installing the macOS update, try installing the upgrade from an external drive.

10. Make it a habit of running Disk Utility after the update.

Mac Os Catalina Download File

Just because the update installation is completed does not mean you have nothing left to do. We recommend that you run Disk Utility to ensure there are no other issues that can cause problems in the future.



We hope that this guide helped you fix your problems with a stuck macOS update. The key here is just to have patience. Give your Mac enough time to complete the installation. If all else fails, then you might have to find some quick fixes and solutions, which we believe we have also given above.

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The following programs are compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15)

Mac Os Catalina Upgrade

We are working on updating the rest of our Mac applications, and they should be available soon.

ProgramPlatform/ Download LinkLanguageVersion
CardWorksDownload MacEnglish4.01 or later
Classic FTPDownload MacEnglish4.03 or later
ClickChartsDownload MacEnglish4.04 or later
CrescendoDownload MacEnglish4.17 or later
DebutDownload MacEnglish5.65 or later
DisketchDownload MacEnglish5.00 or later
DoxillionDownload MacEnglish3.18 or later
DrawPadDownload MacEnglish5.26 or later
DreamPlanDownload MacEnglish4.01 or later
Express AccountsDownload MacEnglish7.04 or later
Express BurnDownload MacEnglish8.03 or later
Express DictateDownload MacEnglish8.02 or later
Express InvoiceDownload MacEnglish7.28 or later
Express ScribeDownload MacEnglish8.09 or later
Express ZipDownload MacEnglish6.20 or later
FastFoxDownload MacEnglish3.00 or later
FlexiStationDownload MacEnglish4.02 or later
Golden RecordsDownload MacEnglish3.00 or later
InventoriaDownload MacEnglish6.00 or later
KeyBlazeDownload MacEnglish3.04 or later
MixPadDownload MacEnglish5.60 or later
MoneyLineDownload MacEnglish4.00 or later
PhotoPadDownload MacEnglish5.10 or later
PhotoStageDownload MacEnglish6.41 or later
PixillionDownload MacEnglish5.20 or later
PrismDownload MacEnglish4.27 or later
RecordPadDownload MacEnglish8.04 or later
SoundTapDownload MacEnglish6.06 or later
SwitchDownload MacEnglish6.50 or later
ToneGenDownload MacEnglish6.01 or later
VideoPadDownload MacEnglish7.26 or later
VoxalDownload MacEnglish5.00 or later
WavePadDownload MacEnglish9.29 or later
ZuluDownload MacEnglish5.00 or later
Classic FTPFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch4.04 or later
DebutFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch5.70 or later
DisketchFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch5.01 or later
DoxillionFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch3.17 or later
Express AccountsFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch8.01 or later
Express BurnFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch8.05 or later
Express DictateFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch8.03 or later
Express InvoiceFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch7.29 or later
Express ScribeFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch8.18 or later
Express ZipFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch6.21 or later
InventoriaFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch6.01 or later
MixPadFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch5.63 or later
PhotoPadFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch5.28 or later
PhotoStageFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch6.50 or later
PixillionFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch5.19 or later
PrismFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch4.25 or later
RecordPadFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch8.05 or later
SoundTapFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch6.07 or later
SwitchFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch7.36 or later
VideoPadFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch7.37 or later
WavePadFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch9.52 or later
ZuluFür Mac herunterladenDeutsch5.01 or later
DebutDescarga MacEspañol5.70 or later
DoxillionDescarga MacEspañol3.17 or later
Express AccountsDescarga MacEspañol8.02 or later
Express BurnDescarga MacEspañol8.06 or later
Express DictateDescarga MacEspañol8.04 or later
Express InvoiceDescarga MacEspañol7.29 or later
Express ScribeDescarga MacEspañol8.02 or later
Express ZipDescarga MacEspañol6.21 or later
InventoriaDescarga MacEspañol6.02 or later
MixPadDescarga MacEspañol5.63 or later
PixillionDescarga MacEspañol6.02 or later
PhotoPadDescarga MacEspañol5.25 or later
PhotoStageDescarga MacEspañol6.43 or later
PrismDescarga MacEspañol5.06 or later
RecordPadDescarga MacEspañol8.06 or later
SwitchDescarga MacEspañol7.35 or later
VideoPadDescarga MacEspañol7.38 or later
WavePadDescarga MacEspañol9.43 or later
Classic FTPTélécharger MacFrançais4.04 or later
CrescendoTélécharger MacFrançais4.18 or later
DebutTélécharger MacFrançais5.70 or later
DisketchTélécharger MacFrançais5.01 or later
DoxillionTélécharger MacFrançais3.14 or later
DreamPlanTélécharger MacFrançais4.66 or later
Express AccountsTélécharger MacFrançais8.00 or later
Express BurnTélécharger MacFrançais8.09 or later
Express DictateTélécharger MacFrançais8.03 or later
Express InvoiceTélécharger MacFrançais7.29 or later
Express ScribeTélécharger MacFrançais8.01 or later
Express ZipTélécharger MacFrançais6.21 or later
InventoriaTélécharger MacFrançais6.02 or later
MixPadTélécharger MacFrançais5.63 or later
PhotoPadTélécharger MacFrançais5.26 or later
PixillionTélécharger MacFrançais5.20 or later
PhotoStageTélécharger MacFrançais6.42 or later
PrismTélécharger MacFrançais4.24 or later
RecordPadTélécharger MacFrançais8.06 or later
SoundTapTélécharger MacFrançais6.07 or later
SwitchTélécharger MacFrançais7.35 or later
VideoPadTélécharger MacFrançais7.37 or later
WavePadTélécharger MacFrançais9.43 or later
ZuluTélécharger MacFrançais5.01 or later
DebutScarica per MacItaliano5.69 or later
Express BurnScarica per MacItaliano8.04 or later
PrismScarica per MacItaliano5.02 or later
SwitchScarica per MacItaliano7.35 or later
VideoPadScarica per MacItaliano7.36 or later
WavePadScarica per MacItaliano9.45 or later
Classic FTPMac版ダウンロード日本語4.04 or later
CrescendoMac版ダウンロード日本語4.28 or later
DebutMac版ダウンロード日本語5.69 or later
DisketchMac版ダウンロード日本語5.02 or later
DoxillionMac版ダウンロード日本語3.17 or later
Express BurnMac版ダウンロード日本語8.04 or later
Express DictateMac版ダウンロード日本語8.03 or later
Express InvoiceMac版ダウンロード日本語7.29 or later
Express ScribeMac版ダウンロード日本語8.05 or later
Express ZipMac版ダウンロード日本語6.24 or later
InventoriaMac版ダウンロード日本語6.02 or later
MixPadMac版ダウンロード日本語5.63 or later
PhotoPadMac版ダウンロード日本語5.34 or later
PhotoStageMac版ダウンロード日本語6.50 or later
PixillionMac版ダウンロード日本語5.19 or later
PrismMac版ダウンロード日本語4.25 or later
RecordPadMac版ダウンロード日本語8.05 or later
SoundTapMac版ダウンロード日本語6.07 or later
SwitchMac版ダウンロード日本語7.38 or later
VideoPadMac版ダウンロード日本語7.37 or later
WavePadMac版ダウンロード日本語9.53 or later
Doxillion맥용 다운로드한글4.09 or later
Pixillion맥용 다운로드한글6.12 or later
Prism맥용 다운로드한글6.12 or later
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