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Liebert AC Unit VH267W - AAEI Water 30 Ton Upflow CRAC Air This is a single listing. We currently have 3 units in stock Serial Number: 787876-001. 787876-002, 787876-003 You are purchasing a used Liebert CRAC Unit. This was professionally removed and working at the time of removal. Air conditioning by Liebert ensures that your essential data is stored in a cool, dry environment where IT devices can operate at optimal efficiency. They are built specifically to address the needs of always-on computers, earning them the name Liebert computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units.

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Type your Serial Number below to search records for all products shipped 2007 to present. Do not type slashes or dashes. Like this: 006SE5701. Emerson CW LIEBERT CW MODEL NUMBER NOMENCLATURE, A, CW, 114 D C S 2 1234 A. LIEBERT CW MODEL NUMBER NOMENCLATURE, A, CW, 114 D C S 2 1234 A, Liebert. The serial number is unique to your appliance and acts as a kind of resume for it (in our example: 29.670.090.5). Our service staff can use the nine-digit serial number to tell you information such as when the appliance was shipped.

Liebert Serial Number Lookup


___ 2.Grille area unrestricted
___ 4.Coil clean

Blower Section


Liebert Serial Numbers

___ 2.Check belt tension and condition (replace if needed)
___ 4.Check sheave/pulle y (replace if worn)
___ 6.Motor amp drawL1__________________L2 __________________ L3______________


___ 1.Inspect elements
___ 3.Reheat amp draw
___ a.#2

Steam Generating Humidifier

___ 1.Check drain valve/drain lines/trap for clogs
___ 2.Check water make-up valve an d all hoses for leaks
Liebert Unit Serial Number Lookup

Liebert Serial Number Nomenclature

___ 4.Replace humidifier bottle if necessary
___ 6.Humidifier amp drawL1 ______________L2 _____________ __L3_____________ _____

Infrared Humidifier

___ 2.Check/clean pan for mineral deposits
___ 4.Check water make-up valve for leaks
___ 5.Check humidif ier lamps (replace if burnt out)
___ 6.Check wire conn ections (inside humidifier box)
___ 7.Humidifier amp drawL1 ______________L2 _____________ __L3_____________ _____
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