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Learn how flash itel phones, we provide steps on how to download firmware and flash itel devices. Being adorable product for it user to compare to it closes ravers in the market, this brand has stomp the Africa market with cheap price of it product, so far itel have been noted for a way of maximizing cost. Newer phones are using USB cable. The original cable (come wiith the phones when you buy it) can also be used in some cases. In that case the USB cable has to be connected directly from the phone to the computer. You do not have to connect the cable to the FuriousGold hardware. Hardreset Itel It6800 ที่ ตลาดใหญ่™ ITEL hard reset Unlocking Itel Pattern Lock - Phones - Nairaland. After switching of your android device, press your up volume button and Press It down. Now press the power button and hold it too along with the volume up button. It will start a secret terminal interface.

Note that, most popular SPD phones like Itel Android phones mostly use the Spreadtrum SC8810/6820 CPU for the Android devices with old

Android OS while the feature phones use the SC6531 CPU.Others use the more recent CPUs.

You also need to hold the boot key on the device before connecting the USB from the PC.

The boot key for most SPD feature phones is options and call button while the boot key for SPD Android devices is Volume Up/Volume Down or both.

To unlock Itel keypad mobile phone,download/install the following files:

Locked Smartphone How To Unlock

1. Install SPD USB Drivers on your PC – Download

2. Download Miracle Box

Steps To Remove Security Lock On SPD Devices

The steps outlined below will enable you to remove any kind of security lock, privacy protection lock or whatever on your Itel Spreadtrum

feature phones like Itel 2090, 2020, 6800 etc.

You will be able to safely unlock the phone without losing your user data and even know the current security code on the lock device.

1. After installing the SPD Drivers properly, download and extract the Miracle box.


3. Click on SPD tab, Select Read Unlock (RD Unlock), Select Clean passCode

4. Now click on Choose Type

5. Then manually select the SPD CPU type.Most or all of the Itel feature phones use the SPD6600L/RT/WT6226/6531 while devices like the Kimfly Z9, Z8, Z7, Z6, MBO, Tasen and some clone SPD devices use the very old and popular SPD8810/6820 CPU. Newer models use SPD77xx chips.

6. After selecting the CPU type, click on Start button.

7. You should now see scanning USB serial port.

8. It’s now time for you to turn off your device completely or remove and reinsert the battery(if possible), while holding the boot key for your SPD phone connect the USB cable.

9. The boot key for most SPD feature phones is the Options button, Call key, 0 or the back button. Some other devices might have a different boot key. SPD Android devices use either the Volume Up/Volume Down or both as boot keys.


10. If the boot key is held properly and drivers are also installed correctly, the process will begin and would take a while for SPD Android devices while SPD Feature phones wouldn’t take much time.


11. You will see 100% completed for SPD Feature phones, you will see all the security codes currently in use on the device. You can then manually use the codes to unlock your device.


If your SPD Itel it2171 device isn’t connecting, you can try this which always works for me instantly.

• Remove the battery from the SPD device.

• Connect the USB cable to your device and computer.

Itel Cell Phone

• Hit the start button on the Software/Tool on your PC.

How To Unlock Itel Smart Phone Number

• Now hold the boot key on the device before inserting the battery.

• CONGRATULATIONS! The whole thing would begin.

How To Unlock Itel Smart Phones

Check out this video below for more information:

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How To Unlock Itel Smartphone

How to remove pattern or pin lock without losing user data Spreadtrum Android E.g ITEL, Mhorse, Mbo, Bml etc)
You might be wondering if its possible to get back into your locked spreadtrum smartphone without actually factory resetting or flashing it.
Well, its very possible. I have been in situations where factory resetting the phone will cause alot of issues because of the data in the phone. So I thought of what to do and then this pretty trick came into my mind. After implementing it the first time, its now my most used technique to remove lock on Itel and other spreadtrum phones without losing any of its user data.
I am going to explain it in detail so you wont miss anything.
Download ScreenLockReset and save the apk file in your PC.
[ Login / Register to download free]
Download Moborobo Pc App
[ Login / Register to download free]
Power off your Itel or any other spreadtrum phone.
Press down both volume up and power button together. Release the both buttons after about 5 seconds or when the screen lights up. It will bring up the test mode screen.
Open settings via the drop down notifications panel.
Now Go to your About phone and enable developer options. In developer options, enable USB debugging.
Allow Installation from unknown sources in security.
Now open the ScreenlockReset apk in your pc via Moborobo.
Connect your spreadtrum android to your Pc and click on Install in Moborobo. Select MTP USB mode.
When the Moborobo daemon is installed on your phone, the app will install next. It will show completed in the Moborobo window.
Now go back to your settings menu and open the Apps section. Scroll to All Apps and find the ScreenlockReset app. Click on it, select Go to App. The App will open.
Tap on ScreenLock Reset.
Select yes and the process will be done.
Your phone's lock pattern will be removed without deleting your user data.
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