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The Sims 4 does have a fair share of traits that we can pick from.

But many of them can get quite repetitive if you’re one of those who like to have a ton of Sims in one town.

It gets to a point where all sims have the same traits over and over again. And that’s when an injection of much-needed variety comes in handy.

As such I’ve compiled a list of the best custom traits add-ons that we can install for The Sims 4, all thanks to the work of a group of fantastic modders.

All of these mods are 100% free, and they can be downloaded using any of the links below. Have a gander and see what you think.

35. Alcoholic Trait

The devil did something to April and the only way to get answers is by questioning a demon. Shouldn't a problem for a witch.right?Prince of Darkness Mod. Mar 10, 2017 - Sims 4 CC Eyes: Demon Eyes 2.0 - N41 by Praline Sims from The Sims Resource. Sims 4 Downloads.

Alright I know you might’ve thought that this was going to be quite a lighthearted list, but I’m starting it with the darkest trait of them all.

Posts about sims 4 demon written by Danielle Turner. Feeling a bit Halloweeny at the moment so I decided to make a post about some of the coolest masks I found for Sims 4. Demon Mods For Sims 4 These are the best Sims 4 mods that you need to download right now. They’re Sims 4’s must have mods and you won’t be able to play the game normally again once you’ve tried them out. Thanks to the community for keeping the series alive.

The Alcoholic Trait makes your sims live depending on alcohol, which means that they will often get depressed for no apparent reason.

And they’ll only be happy when they’re having a drink or three.

For alcoholic sims, it’s never really too early to have a drink.

It’s up to you to control them or watch them burst through their minibar to make themselves a morning margarita.

34. Lot Traits

The Lot Traits pack allows you to select specific traits for a lot, allowing you to have a better level of customization in your towns and cities.

With Lot Traits you’ll be adding a bunch of new options and customizability to the game environment.

Banks, airports, train stations, bakeries, and much more.

All of them will be available to be selected as lot traits with this mod! Sounds kinda like Sim City huh?

33. Lifestyle Traits

This mod adds four new lifestyle traits to the game, two of which are very political.

You can have your sim be a Republican or a Democrat, which I actually find hilarious because the game avoids politics as much as any other.

However I’m including this mod because it adds the Meditator and All Rounder traits, which make fantastic additions to the game.

32. Hobby Traits

If you don’t like your sim to be an outright alcoholic but you still want them to enjoy a few drinks, then this mod has a trait that’ll serve you well.

The mod itself adds 4 new hobby traits to the game, one of which is the Bar Drinker trait.

Cute right?

It also adds Chess Lover as well as Coffee Lover and Beauty Lover.

Get your sims invested in what they love and select what that is for them before they are “born”.

31. Bossy Trait

This seems like a trait that could’ve easily have been in the base game.

So naturally, it’s one that I’m adding to my list.

The Bossy trait makes it so any sim that has it feels superior to the rest, which in turn makes them think that they can boss everyone else around.

It makes the sim a bit annoying. But we have to deal with people like this in our lives all the time, so why wouldn’t those who live in sim world be subjected to the same fate?

30. Handsome Trait

The Handsome Trait is fantastic for those looking to create a good-looking sim and have others recognize him for it.

This trait makes it so making friends is much easier, and every female sim will also be far more interested in your male sim than any others.

With great power comes great responsibility, though.

So be careful with how you influence others with your charming good looks.

29. Autism in Sims 4

This is a pretty serious trait mod, but one that everyone looking for a realistic experience should have in their game.

The Autism trait make sit so sims act as if they had autism – they repeat the same activities over and over again, they have issues communicating and performing any type of social activities. And they can only speak to others about a handful of topics.

It’s not a mod that’ll make your sims better in any way.

But it does add a lot of realism to the game and puts things into perspective for your others sims; figuratively speaking.

28. Arrogant Trait

Arrogant sims are extremely confident (being confident is their default emotion) and they absolutely hate failure.

They suffer negative status changes by failing or getting embarrassed in front of others.

It’s a very well-made trait, and I really enjoy having the option to make my sim a bit of an arrogant prick if I’m doing one of “those” playthroughs.

27. Feminine & Manly Traits

The Feminine and Manly traits allow your sims to feel more connected to their roots.

And each of these mods comes with one additional status change depending on random factors.

The mood of your manly sim can change and have him be more confident, or the mood of your female sim can change to have her be happier.

A cool little mod, even though these traits don’t change that much.

26. Blessed & Cursed Traits

I think you can already imagine what these traits do – they basically change the life of a sim without them having any control of what happens.

The cursed trait will make your sim’s life a bit of a living hell, whilst the blessed trait will make the life of your sim feel like they’re in heaven.

Which one would you rather have? I know which one is certainly more fun.

25. New Emotional Traits

These amazing emotional traits are basically extreme versions of other traits in the game.

You’ll have a Stoic sim, for example, which is a sim that is always super calm.

You may also have an Egghead sim which is a genius that always seems to be talking about nerdy stuff and might bore other sims with their jib-jab.

I love this because it truly makes every sim more unique than they are in the base game – extreme emotions are common among people and they should be in Simland too.

24. Two-Faced Trait

“Two-Faced Sims are untrustworthy, dishonest and backstabbing.”

Well, damn. That’s one hell of a description.

I’m guessing this trait is based on someone they know in real life or a bad breakup… but hey, let’s not complain and hope they’re doing better now!

This mod adds the ability for sims to be untrustworthy pricks. That should totally have been in the base game.

23. Spiritual Trait

Get in touch with yourself and with nature with the spiritual trait, which will make your sim feel more attached with the things we can’t see but make us feel more pure.

Having good karma is important for many people.

And now it will be important for many sims as well.

It’s time to balance those energies that float around and keep your sim in the purest of states of mind.

22. Anxious Trait

If you want a challenging but realistic trait mod then this is the one you’ll want to download.

The Anxious Trait mod makes your sim incapable of controlling their anxiety, which will result in a generalized increase of panic attacks and the inability to keep a hold of themselves in many situations that wouldn’t cause any issues to other sims.

It’s based on a real disease, so be ready to enter a new plane of realism with this trait.

Trust me it won’t be fun at all. That’s why I’m adding it to the list!

21. Bipolar Trait

The Bipolar Trait is another trait that makes it to this list not because it’s extremely fun, but moreso because it’s very realistic.

It makes your sim prone to having massive mood swings and basically turning into a bit of a maniac.

You’ll see your sim enter depressed states all of a sudden with no explanation. Well, as your Sim god I think you know why.

A realistic mod, but just like the autism and anxious traits, this is going to be challenging to play with.

Many people suffer from this so it’s natural for sims to go through something similar as well. This mod allows that to happen!

20. Naïve Trait

Here’s a fun trait that is actually very reflective of how many people are in real life.

The Naïve add-on makes it so that sims are not able to pick up social skills easily.

But they will also get less embarrassed by certain situations with others because they simply don’t have the ingrained social qualities.

They also open up far easier to other sims, as they don’t think others will hurt them. So that leaves room for lots of mayhem.

19. Author Trait

Sure, you can have the aspiration to be an author.

But with this mod, you will be able to have the trait as well!

Experience the thrill of creating fictional situations and have it as your passion by adding this trait to one of your sims.

It’s a fantastic complement for anyone that has the goal of becoming a best-selling author, and an overall fun one to have if you plan to make a sim that lives off writing royalties.

18. Boyfriend & Girlfriend Material Traits

These two complementary traits make sims much more prone to enjoying the time they spend together.

Being with their partner will increase their mood by a landslide, and finding that special someone is sure to make them the happiest sims in their respective blocks.

If you’re going for a serious relationship playthrough this mod is a must-have!

17. ADHD Trait

Looking for a challenge, are you?

Well give this mod a test run and tell me what you think of it.

It makes sims become bored at a much quicker rate, and also makes it harder for them to maintain any sort of serious relationship with others.

They will be friendlier and easier to interact with, but they’ll struggle to focus at work or at school.

It has a few benefits for sure. But it’ll mostly make your playthrough a bit more of a challenge(which can be fun too).


16. Insecure Trait

A nice little mod that will make your sim always feel embarrassed by being the most insecure person in the room.

It also makes them unable to feel confident, so be prepared to struggle if you want to maintain any sort of relationship or find that special someone.

15. Mama’s Witch Trait

Nope, this is not a negative trait mod.

Don’t be too judgmental on witches – not all of them are bad!

The Mama’s Witch Trait mod allows witch sims to be friendlier and much more open to others, and it will also give them the ability to gain certain skills much faster than other sims.

They can’t be tense or bored, and they will always be focused. It’s a very positive trait mod you’ve gotta believe me!

14. 7 New Traits Teen Pack

It’s time for those teenage sims to be able to feel more emotions that real teenagers feel.

As such, this mod adds 7 new traits that can only be obtained by sims on their teenage years.

The traits all come with custom icons that make them fit right in with the other traits in the game.

Variety is always welcome, and the New Traits Pack is the way to go if you’re looking for it.

13. Depression Trait

We’ve all gone through our own periods of depression in our lives, right?

I don’t think that’s just me. And if it is, I want my sim to come along for the ride.

The depression trait makes your sim prone to having the same emotional issues that we all get when we’re depressed.

The trait doesn’t make your sim clinically depressed.

But it does make it feel very much like it.

In any case, if you want a challenging experience with your playthrough this is one of the trait mods that I totally recommend snagging.

12. Baby Maker Trait

Having fertility issues?

Worry not, my friend, there’s no need to go to a fertility clinic when you can simply put the Baby Maker trait into use.

With this mod your male sims will be far more likely to put a baby in whoever they choose to sleep with.

As with others in this list, I must repeat: with great power comes great responsibility.

They will truly become freaks of nature with this add-on and almost every woohoo will end up with them having children.

11. Internet Kid Trait

This trait does seem like a pretty weird one to have in an adult.

But the Internet Kid trait is the one you want if you’re looking to have your sim spend countless hours on the computer like you did when you were younger.

This basically turns every sim into a computer freak that never gets bored of staring into a screen.

Sounds a bit too familiar to me…

It’s meant to be used mainly by sims up to the age of teenagers, as afterward it would just be a tad weird to have the trait on them.

It works on adults too though, so don’t worry. We can all be PC-addicted in our fantasy games.

10. WooHoo Lover Trait

The Woohoo lover trait makes the sim that has it basically addicted to woohoo.

You will get buffs to your sim’s emotions every time they engage in woohoo with other sims.

Many people who play the game are freaks, let’s face it. And that’s why mods like this one are so popular.

In any case, the Woohoo lover trait is by far one of the best for a freaky Sims 4 session.

All buffs last for 4 hours as well so be wise to use your new woohooing abilities in strategic situations.

9. Siren Trait

Sirens are flirty entities that can basically engage socially much better than any other sim in the game.

You will be able to level up your social skills much quicker than with any other sim (and this also includes mischief).

The only disadvantage of playing one of these sims is that the relationships and bonds that they have with others are also quick to decay much faster than your average sim.

This always puts your sim on a flirty mood as well.

It really does fit women much better than men, as it makes far more sense in terms of the effects of the trait as well as its essence.

8. Reaper Trait

Why hack the game to make the Grim Reaper a playable character when you can add the Grim Reaper trait instead?

This mod makes it so certain sims act pretty much like Death itself.

They will not be able to die, and as time goes by, they will become apathetic to being alive for so long. Causing them quirky side effects like not wanting to be around anymore.

Yeah this is getting pretty dark really fast.

In any case, it’s quite a unique mod and one that differs from the rest of the trait mods on my list.

I loved it, and I’m sure you will too!

7. Shy Trait

Finally a mod that represents us shy people!

It kind of makes us look bad, but we are a bit like this trait portrays.

With the shy trait most of your social interactions will become really awkward and your sim will basically fail at doing most of them.

This is one of those traits that makes the game a tad more challenging.

Some of us play with this trait in real life, and if you like your sims to act like you do then this is the one you might like to install.

I personally like this more than the other socially akward traits because it feels more “realistic”, if that makes sense.

6. Zoophobic Trait

Your sim will never be able to stare at another wild animal the same after you install the zoophobic trait.

It will make your sims irrationally scared to the wild creatures of the sim world, and you’ll have to deal with that to prevent them from having panic attacks.

Odd, but frankly most on this list are just plain strange.

It’s a fun little trait that adds a bit of challenge to the game but doesn’t make it ridiculously hard.

5. Culinary Inept Trait

Alright let me be honest and tell you why this trait is ranked so high up on my list – I’m a terrible cook.

I make a killer chicken, but other than that, the taste of the food I prepare is miles from where I actually want it to be.

It’s taking me a lot of time to get better at it. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Yes, this mod makes it so sims become exactly like me. Yay!

It adds a bit more realism too, as sims tend to pick up cooking quite quickly even when they haven’t done it before.

Feel the struggle of making terrible pancakes like me with this mod.

4. More Traits For Kids

Kids in the Sims universe seem to not have enough traits to pick from, and this mod aims to change that.

You will be able to select far more traits for your kids once you install this mod, which will allow you to play with more diversity even at the younger stages of a sim’s life.

Boost up the life of toddlers and make the game far more entertaining with these traits.

3. Gamer Trait

Become a true gamer in the Sims world.

With the gamer trait you will be able to level up your gaming skill much faster than the average sim.

If you think you’re good enough to become a streamer and make money out of it, then the Gamer Trait mod is the one you’ll want to install.

And if you can’t live it in real life then isn’t that exactly what The Sims is for?

Playing video games well is no easy feat. But some people do have a knack for it.

This trait will turn your sim into one of these people – make the best out of it and get those streamer simoleons.

2. Drama Queen Trait

Become the typical movie girlfriend with the Drama Queen trait.

This mod will make every sim that has the trait throw a tantrum over the most trivial of details, making them quite annoying to live or deal with.

Many people are like this, and I’m sure you’ve come across your fair share of drama queens in your life. It’s time to bring reality into virtual reality.

This would also seem like a trait that could’ve made its way to the base game, so if you’re looking for vanilla-friendly traits I would say you’ve come across one of the best you can find.

1. The Singer Trait

It’s so frustrating that singing is barely a skill and you can’t make a career out of it.

Even the musical branches make you either play piano or guitar! Why can’t we become singers, dammit?!

Well this trait won’t let you become a singer. There are career mods that allow you to do that, but with the singer trait your sim will have a natural knack for singing and will become much better at mastering the vocal arts.

Again, if real life doesn’t match up just bring it over to The Sims.

Bust your local chords with the singer trait and outshine the rest of the artists that roam your virtual cities.

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Maybe you’re a fantasy nerd (like me).

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Whatever the case may be, you’re looking for the perfect pair of horns or antlers for TS4. Because goodness knows we don’t have nearly enough exciting accessories for supernatural fashion.

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1. Dragon Age: Inquisition – Qunari Horns by Valhallan

We’re starting this list strong with a pack of nine(!) horns from creator Valhallan.

These horns are based off of a fictional race called the Qunari from the game Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Mad kudos to the creator for successfully converting these horns into The Sims 4. They look great both in CAS and in-game.

If you’re planning to plop a tiefling, a demon, or some other horned creature right in the quiet town of Windenburg, this pack is fantastic.

Nine styles with 27 color swatches each (save for variation #1, which only has 26) means this pack is pretty freaking versatile.

  • Color Options: 27 custom colors | 26 custom colors (for var. 1)
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Male & Female | Teen – Elder

2. Illidari: World of Warcraft Demon Hunter Horns by Valhallan

Another masterpiece from maker Valhallan. These Demon Hunter horns are all kinds of intimidating – but in a good way.

And you get six unique styles that perfectly suit different personalities. Slender and approachable, curved and daunting, large and in charge … whatever you want to convey, you best believe these horns can do it.

Each style has a different texture, too. Ribbed, scaled, smooth – the attention to detail for this particular CC is really fantastic.

Download all horns in one merged .package file, or pick and choose your favorites by getting the separate .zip file.

Want to plop these on your Sims kid, too?

Grab the horn conversion for children pack.

BONUS: Boys N Berry Sims also has a great recolor of these horns; 76 fun new swatches for you to play with.

  • Color Options: 25 custom colors (original) | 76 custom colors (Boys N Berry Sims recolor)
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Male & Female | Teen – Elder | separate package for Child

3. CherryVanillaSims Recolor of Flapjack’s Ribbed Horns

For the casual demons, devils, and horned races that don’t want to flaunt their extra accessories, Flapjack’s original mesh offers four simple (yet stylish) horn designs:

  • Ribbed
  • Small (if you really want understated demon horns)
  • Thicc, and
  • Thicc (forehead)

Each has its own charm for sure. Unfortunately, they don’t have many color options.

Enter CherryVanillaSims’ recolor. While it’s only for the “ribbed” horns style, this recolor does introduce 66 new colors for you to play around with.

Honestly? I can dig the brightly-colored orange horns.

  • Color Options: 4 custom colors (original) | 66 custom colors (CherryVanillaSims recolor)
  • Mesh Needed: Flapjack-Sims Horns for Sims 4
  • Available For: Male & Female | Teen – Elder

4. Goop Horns by Blahberry Pancake

Continuing the “small and subtle horns” trend are Blahberry Pancake’s Goop Horns.

These cute nubs perch right on the top of your Sim’s head, and they look absolutely adorable.

I think they’re called goop because the multi-colored lava on the tips pretty much resembles that word.

And I’ll say that the bright, neon colors and the rounded edges kinda remind me of pastries.

Point is they’re cute. Get ‘em.

The DL link leads to a download page for Sim Teens to Elders, plus a separate download link for Children.

  • Color Options: 14 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Male & Female | Toddler – Elder

5. Capricorn Horn Accessory by Screaming Mustard

Who says you can’t dress up your horns? Certainly not this CC creator.

These Capricorn horns come in one style, and that style is stylish and dainty, dammit.

The textures work well with the three earrings (horn … rings?) dangling on the ends too. There are only four color options, but those four colors are pretty darn unique.

Note: you can find these Capricorn horns in Necklaces, by the way. Not Hats.

  • Color Options: 4 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Female | Teen – Elder

6. Crown of Horns by Nolan Sims

Okay hear me out. Mechanically speaking, I know this is a headpiece accessory with horns – and not actual horns/antlers CC.

But it honestly just looks so gorgeous, I have to include it!

And the placement of the horns on the crown looks like they could be growing out of your Sim’s actual head. That’s the goal, right?

So if you spin the right narrative, you can pass as a horned Sim wearing a flower headband.

The horns (or “twig horns,” as the creator calls them) don’t change color. But you can definitely alter the color of the flowers to better suit your style.

  • Color Options: 15 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Male & Female

7. Trapping’s Antlers by Deetron Sims

Here’s a quick but cute break from horns: antlers.

Specifically, these antlers in this CC.

Whether you’re designing a human-deer hybrid, or you want to spin the narrative of a druid who can’t shapeshift all the way… Deetron Sims’ Trapping’s Antlers fit both situations, and more.

They’re simple and straightforward deer-like antlers that sit on the top of your little Simmy head.

And they’re available for Kids too. So you can have a full forest family if you want.

  • Color Options: 3 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Male & Female | Kid – Adult

8. Rein Headband by Blahberry Pancake

Where the previous mod is better suited for realistic deer hybrids, this Rein Headband CC by Blahberry Pancake is better for Holiday Costume Parties.

It’s designed as a headband with deer ears and antlers. And it shows.

The headband is very clear on most hairstyles (especially with “flatter” hair), so you can’t exactly pass it off as a true anthropomorphized (Sims-morphized…?) deer.

But it’s cute, it’s unique, and it would make the perfect accessory for ugly Winterfest sweater photoshoots.

  • Color Options: 12 custom colors; 7 two-toned swatches, 1 tri-toned swatch, 4 solid swatches
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Male & Female

9. Fantasia Headdress by Suzue

Just like the Capricorn Horns by Screaming Mustard, this Fantasia Headdress is basically horns with bling.

And just like the Capricorn horns, these look delicate and dainty. They’re long, slender, and they swoop up just so at the tip.

Rather than earrings, they’re adorned glass beads. Both horns feature a single strand wrapped twice around the base.

There are 10 custom colors for this package, and the color of the beads depends on the color of the horns.

  • Color Options: 10 custom colors; 1 two-toned swatch
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Male & Female | Teen – Elder

10. Unicorn Horn by Bellassims

We have demons and tieflings, deer-shifters and deer-hybrids … of course I had to include one of the most majestic horned creatures ever.

This Unicorn Horn by Bellassims is a personal fave.

It sticks right in the middle and it’s decked out with a gem, plus some delicate chains.

These chains hang down until they disappear into your Sims’ hair, making it look all the more regal and expensive af.

Now this CC comes with 36 color options. The horn itself stays white, but the chains can be either gold or silver, and the gem can be a number of colors depending which swatch you select.

I personally love the gold-chain-red-ruby combo.

I also highly recommend you try combining this Unicorn horn with the Fantasia Headdress. The result is absolutely stunning on lady Sims.

  • Color Options: 36 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Female | Teen – Elder

11. Little Demon Horns by Rotteneyed & Cerberus-Sims

If the Goop horns were too colorful for your Sim’s color palette, and the Flapjack’s Ribbed horns were a little too big for their backstory, well these Little Demon Horns might be exactly what you’re looking for.

They’re one of the smallest horns on this list. Literal nubs.

Sims 4 Occult Mods

And they sit right on the forehead (instead of on top of the head).

What’s pretty cool is there are four variations here, and you can combine up to two variations for a maximum of four horns.

Perfect for the little demon that wants to stand out from the crowd. Maybe.

There are 40 custom colors in all, with 20 of those options being two-toned.

But if you do decide to give your Sim four horns, you can’t mix the colors. The top horns will stay the same color as the bottom horns, and vice-versa.

Still a pretty versatile set regardless. And worth a try!

  • Color Options: 40 custom colors; 20 two-toned swatches
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Male & Female

12. Horns Pack by Azentase

This horn CC pack is kinda like Valhallan’s Qunari horns, only with different shapes and a smoother uniform texture.

There are four variations: Panic, Bambous, Kleptomanie, and Maniac.

They’re all varying levels of “curved” and “swept back,” which honestly makes them look fantastic with hairstyles that follow the same flow.

Supernatural Mod Sims 4

I personally think they look especially stunning paired with Alpha CC hair (instead of Maxis Match styles).

Each version only has three color swatches, but they’re all neutral. So they pair well with most any hair color.

You can also install each version separately if you want.

  • Color Options: 3 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Male & Female

13. Bloodtotem: WoW Cenarius & Highmountain Tauren Horn by Valhallan

If anything, this is the crowning glory of this compilation.

The goddess of the fauna. The guardian of the forest.

The mother of all dramatic horned headpieces.

Valhallan’s Bloodtotem horns are incredibly designed and incredibly intimidating.

Sims 4 Supernatural Mod Pack

They spread out from the sides of your Sim’s head like sharp, majestic wings. Words cannot describe how regal, imposing, and straight-up grandiose these pieces are.

They’re like earthen antlers. Only less deer and more Goddess of the Forest.

There are two variations of these Bloodtotem horns: those with colored borders and those with colored tips.

Both have their charm. And 26 color options each.

  • Color Options: 26 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Male & Female | Teen – Elder

14. Lifebinder: Alexstrasza Horns by Valhallan

Sims 4 Best Mods

I think it’s a pretty safe assumption that Valhallan just rocks at creating horns for The Sims 4.

After all, she’s responsible for about a third of the items on this list!

This particular pack isn’t a horns-specific package. It’s actually a full character (or at least, the character’s clothing) conversion – specifically Alexstrasza from Heroes of the Storm.

If you’re familiar with her, then you know she’s got a pretty impressive set of horns. One would expect no less from a powerful woman who can turn into a dragon at will, right?


Sims 4 Succubus Mod

This entire CC pack contains her iconic horns, regal tiara, and eye-catching red cloak.

Demon Mods For Sims 4 Xbox One

The entire package is a .zip file too. So you can actually just install the horns and tiara without the cloak. If your Sim doesn’t feel like cosplaying, I mean.

  • Color Options: 1 default color
  • Mesh Needed: No
  • Available For: Male & Female | Teen – Elder

15. Horns Pack – Valhallansim Mesh Edit by Gerbithats

This mesh edit of Valhallan’s World of Warcraft Demon Hunter horns gives us players some one-of-a-kind options for our damned, demonic, fae, and/or fantastical Sims.

The theme of these horns seems to be “asymmetrical”.

And surprisingly, it’s a theme I can get behind.

There are four variations in total: Bune, Petrus, Lucius, and Damien.

Bune and Damien have two further categories: Left and Right.

Depending on which you pick, either the right or the left horn’s tip is broken off. Hence, asymmetrical.

I think either option is perfect for giving your Sim a little more character.

Damian features longer curved horns growing from the top of the forehead.

And the Bune horns are smaller, pointier, and sit a little higher.

Lots to love about all of them!

  • Color Options: 25 custom colors
  • Mesh Needed: Lildari: World of Warcraft Demon Hunter Horns by Valhallan
  • Available For: Male & Female | Teen – Elder
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