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World 3
AppearanceSuper Mario 3D World
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World 3 is the third world of Super Mario 3D World. It is a snow-themed island surrounded with ice blocks. It lies southwest of World 1, south of World 2, west of World 4, east of World 5, and below World 6, World Castle, and World Bowser. The world contains seven standard courses, a Captain Toad's Adventures course, a Sprixie House, a Castle, and a Boss Arena. After the player has beaten Pom Pom, the blue Sprixie Princess will create a Clear Pipe to World 3-B, and clearing that level unlocks World 4.


Level NumberLevel NamePreviewDescription
World 3-1Snowball ParkA snow and ice level with snowballs, Ice Skates and a Propeller Box.
World 3-2Chain-Link ChargeAn auto-scrolling level with moving fences. Requires 30 Green Stars to unlock.
World 3-3Shifty Boo MansionThe first ghost house level featuring moving staircases and Boos.
World 3-4Pretty Plaza PanicA dessert-themed level with only 100 seconds on the clock. It contains a Princess Peach switch.
World 3-AMagikoopa BlockadeA small castle arena with three Magikoopas.
World 3-5Pipeline LagoonA beach and underwater level. This is also the second appearance of the Cannon Box.
World 3-6Mount Must DashA Super Mario Kart-styled level with dash panels and spring platforms.
World 3-7Switchboard FallsAn autumn-themed level with Switchboards.
World 3-TrainThe Bullet Bill ExpressA boss level that takes place on a Bowser train. This level introduces Pom Pom.
World 3-BA Banquet with HisstocratA boss arena featuring Hisstocrat and his minions.
World 3-Captain ToadCaptain Toad Makes a SplashThe second Captain Toad level featuring a water section and Rammerheads.
World 3-Sprixie HouseSprixie HouseA level where the player gets a stamp of a Sprixie Princess crying.
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Cat Mario Walkthrough Level 3Cat Mario Walkthrough Level 3
  • Cat Mario online is a very cool free game. You are a white cat and you try to go as far as you can but there are enemies trying to stop you. Cat Mario online.
  • Black Cat: Successfully complete Toyko level 1. Blade: Successfully complete Transylvania level 2. Doc Ock: Defeat him in Tokyo level 2. Green goblin: Defeat him in Tokyo level 4. Iron Fist: Successfully complete Tangaroa island Level 3. Lizard: Successfully complete Cairo level 2. New Goblin: Successfully complete the game.

How To Beat Cat Mario

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LevelCat Mario Walkthrough Level 3

Cat Mario 4 game

Cat Mario Walkthrough Level 3 Nes

Description: Cat Mario 4 features a protagonist with a facial likeness to a cat except he or she walks upright like a human. This game is based on the world famous Super Mario game. You are a white cat and you try to go as far as you can but there are enemies trying to stop you. There are a total of four levels and each contains various traps such as falling brick walls, bouncing monsters, death spikes, power blocks with poison mushrooms or hidden blocks that when hit will trap the player's progression in the level.
You will need to have really big patience if you want to win this game. You don't need to collect any coins because you will never get an extra life. Just keep calm and see all of the possible dangers that are coming and later evade them when you start playing from beginning or from the blue flag. Blue check point flags, if touched, will save the level restart point as that part if Cat Mario happens to die.
Cat Mario's main method of attacking is a scratching attack that works in close corners. This can be dangerous against enemies that can strike from a distance. Though Cat Mario 4 can climb up walls, this leaves him wide open to other enemy attacks as he cannot fight while stuck to the wall. It has been dubbed a 'rage' game due to the very easy accumulation in number of deaths the player can obtain from the constant and unfair traps that kill the protagonist, and the frustration behind how difficult it is to pass an area without repeatedly dying. Despite the surprise factor of these traps, the levels do not change between plays, allowing the player to memorize their locations and eventually make progress. Experienced players must still remain on guard, though, lest they let years of platforming convention overrule their knowledge of the traps and trick them into deadly accidents.

Cat Mario