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Cat Mario

Cat Mario 3 is the third edition of the popular flash game about world of mario, where you play as a small white cat and have to deal with various deadly enemies, including white circles and dangerous spikes. Evething in this game might be trap - for example a tube can be a rocket launcher and if you get into it, you will die. This is a HTML5/JS port of the well known game 'Cat Mario'. I'm not the original author. I've rewritten some parts of the code, translated and compiled it. Adam Kecskes (kecskes.adam AT outlook DOT com) Projects.env editor for PHP.env editor. Angular 9 loading spinner. C thread-safe queue.

If you are the one who loves to play games, you might have the Mario Games. The games which are very famous due to the logic, and most of the time Mario love to create very cruel and difficult games, the game which is difficult to play and difficult to cross the levels.

This game is developed in Japan, and most of the words shown on the interface of the game are also in Japanese, but those words have nothing to affect the game.

Cat Mario Game

Cat Mario is the game in which the character got the face like Cat, the body of the character looks like human and walk on the two feet like humans do.

This is pretty cute, but the game is not that cute as you think, this is one of the cruel game and it will freak you out when the character of the game will be stuck on the place from where he cannot come out.

Cat Mario Free Game

Or any of the clouds or character will instantly hit to kill the Cat Mario, and you would not know how that logic comes and kill the Cat Mario.

The mission of the game is not to rescue the princess; you only have to overcome the 6 stages in the game. But, once you will play the game you would come to know how the difficulty is to cross even the first level of the game.

The 6 stages of the Cat Mario will draw you crazy and if you will come one after one to cross the levels.

How to play Cat Mario

If you are familiar with the Super Mario game, it is quite easy to play the cat Mario game, you might be familiar with the Cat Mario game

  • Use Pg. up key to jump the character
  • Use Home+left key to move left
  • Use Home+down key to move the Cat down
  • End+ right arrow to straight to move the Cat
Cat mario 3 online

Play Cat Mario online from this page, and get the real amusement from the game. play this fun game also slope

Cat Mario online, free


Cat Mario Play Game: