Bushmaster Serial Number Bfi

Bushmaster Serial Number Bfi


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Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC, based in Madison, North Carolina, United States, is an American manufacturer and distributor of firearms. The company's product line revolves around semi-automatic pistol and rifle variants of the M4 / AR-15 design. Bushmaster Firearms was a company in.

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  1. Bushmaster ACR (Advanced Combat Rifle) which is very similar to the FN-SCAR. Short 16 1/2 inch barrel with a piston driven gas system. One piece (monolithic block type) anodized aluminum upper receiver with a Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny rail on top with a multi-lug, round rotating bolt similar to the AR15 rifle. Standard markings. It has a one-piece, lower trigger guard/pistol grip assembly with a.
  2. These were made for only about 18 months. They were made around 2004. Owner said he did not fire it and there is no sign of use inside the gun. It comes with the hard case and one twenty round mag. This gun takes fn-fal mags and bushmaster has them for sale in 5 and 10 and 20 rnd. This gun has serial number 39.
  3. If you send me us complete serial number we can look it up to determine if it is pre or post ban. Only lower receivers shipped as complete rifles before the Federal Ban of 9-13-94 are pre ban. Some States have Laws that do not allow the pre ban type firearms unless the are true pre ban models manufactured before the Federal Ban such as CT, MA.
  4. Need a little help. A friend of mine just sold me a Bushmaster lower (marked.223/5.56) with the xm15-e2s model designation. I didn't pay any attention when I bought it but when I went to record it for my records I noticed my other two Bushmaster Lowers have a serial number starting with BFSxxxxxxx (7 numbered serial number.

Bushmaster XM15-E2S M4 Style CarbineType//Place of originUnited StatesProduction historyManufacturerSpecificationsMass8.27 lb (3.75 kg) (20' barrel, without magazine)Length38.25 in (97.2 cm) (20' barrel)length20 in (51 cm) (rifle), 16 in (41 cm) (carbine)/,45 rounds per minute (semi-auto)3,260 feet per second (990 m/s)Effective firing range600 yards (550 m)Maximum firing range3,865 yards (3,534 m)Feed system, 30 roundsSightsA2-style front postThe Bushmaster XM-15 series (or XM15 ) is a line of, and, manufactured. Variants include the, Patrolman series, QRC series, Bushmaster XM15-E2S and the line. Contents.Variants The standard XM-15 has a forged 7075T6 aircraft-grade upper and lower receiver. Barrels of XM-15 firearms have a heavy profile and are hard chrome-lined or 416. In Bushmaster's 2016 sales brochure, all new-production XM-15s are stated to be supplied with a 4150 steel barrel. The standard barrel has rifling of 1 turn in 9'.

E2S Series: The basic E2S is fitted with a 16-inch carbine-style barrel. E2S Target - 20' heavy-barrel target rifle with A2-style stock and carry handle upper, also available with 24' and 26' barrels. E2S Shorty - 16-inch version with a 'shorty' handguard. E2S Shorty AK - Shorty variant with 14.5-inch carbine SBR barrel with an -style muzzle brake permanently welded to the end to increase the overall length to 16 inches.

E2S Dissipator - Variant with a Bushmaster-designed 16-inch 'Dissipator' barrel. This mounts a false gas block with a front sight at the 20' position with the real gas block in the carbine position and concealed under a rifle-length 12' handguard. QRC Series: Formerly known as ORC ('optics ready carbine'), but now styled as QRC ('quick response carbine'), are flat-top rifles without iron sights, provided with a simple 1x20 red-dot optic. QRC is chambered in 5.56x45mm with a 1:8 twist melonite coated barrel, M16 style bolt carrier group & mil-spec buffer tube. Patrolman Series: - 7' or 10.5' barrel 'pistol' version with a free-float handguard and no stock.

Also available as a military or LE select-fire version. Bushmaster M4-Type Carbine.

Main article: Notoriety According to, an American sociologist who studies, the firearm was designed to comply with the 1994. The Bushmaster XM15-E2S 'M4 type' carbine gained notoriety for its use in the October 2002.A Bushmaster XM-15 was used in the December 2012. Just before the two-year anniversary of the massacre, nine families of the 26 victims of the shooting filed a class action lawsuit in Connecticut against Bushmaster, and others, seeking 'unspecified' damages for the defendants' purported negligent entrustment and illegal marketing of the XM-15 rifle. Plaintiffs argued that both theories of liability fell within exceptions to the 2005, which affords broad civil immunity to gun manufacturers.


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The case was dismissed in superior court and was appealed to the Connecticut Supreme Court. In March 2019, the Connecticut Supreme Court reinstated the wrongful death lawsuit, holding that the plaintiffs successfully pleaded a cause of action for illegal marketing. Remington appealed to the United States Supreme Court, which denied review on November 12, 2019. The trial is scheduled for September 2021.An XM-15 was also used in the 2018.An XM15-E2 was captured from fighters in by during the.

Legality As a result of the:. New York State banned the XM-15 series and in the January 2013. The XM-15 series are among over 100 named firearms added to the list in an April 2013 amendment, passed in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting.Users.:.:.: Used by.References. ^ McNab, Chris (2007). P. 173. ^. ^.

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Bushmaster Xm15 E2s Bfi

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Bushmaster Serial Number Bfi

Bushmaster Xm15 Serial Number Date

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Bushmaster Bfi Serial Number Date

So what would you assume is the born on date? When the frame is milled, or the grip molded or when it's put into a shipping box to the states? Or the day it passes QC and gets fired?

What day is the true Birthday?I would say, the day it's packed in the box, and passes QC checks.Even if you call them, it's a process to build the weapon, doesn't happen one at a time 10 or 20 times a day, it happens in batches or runs of parts. Then they are finished machined and matched in a set, serialized and stamped, go thru QC, test fired and boxed. Click to expand.I always assumed that as well.the day the gun is finished and has a serial number.I did not recieve a shell casing.I bought the gun in Nov of 2004 and the manufacture date was Aug of '04.pretty new for a gun that got from Croatia to here. Through the distributer, to the store.somewhat of a process I would imagine.I bought the 1911 in Jan of '05 and the manufacture date was over a year prior. Guess it collected dust for a while.

Which was lucky for me. It was (still is) a current model (9151) and it's far exceeded my expectations in every way. Accuracy, fit and finish, reliability.I couldn't have hoped for more. (I did handle a lot of 1911s before settling on this one. Can't shoot them new, but you can dry fire and inspect the fit and finish).Peace,D. Armalite date of manufacture, bushmaster ar-15 serial number location, bushmaster date of manufacture, bushmaster manufacture date, bushmaster serial number, bushmaster serial number date, bushmaster serial number date of manufacture, bushmaster serial number dates, bushmaster serial number dating, bushmaster serial number lookup, bushmaster serial number manufacture date, bushmaster year of manufacture, dpms serial number manufacture date, m1a serial numbers manufacture dates, what year was my bushmaster made.