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  • Download latest version of Auto-Clicker for Windows. Safe and Virus Free. Dock app for turning Microsoft Windows into Mac OS X. Download Auto-Clicker 2.3.
  • Mac Auto Clicker Auto Clicker for Mac is a tool that is used for mouse automation. With the help of this, you can set the interval of time and clicks. Instead of this, you can choose the auto stop when that time interval completes.

It can record the X and Y coordinates of the mouse click points and work upon it easily. With the help of auto mouse clicker software, you can automate one or multiple clicks at the same time. You can record a series of multiple clicks and let the software do the clicks for you.


I am unable to start the auto clicker on my Acer Chromebook 314. It is described as being chromebook compatible, but the majority of reviews and comments are from chromebook users unable to use this extension. The few comments from chromebook users saying it works for them don't give any info on how they got it to work.

Moreover, you can edit the settings further according to your work. It can be extremely useful for a number of office operations as well as video games.

Once you download software and start it, you will need to record the click points that you wish to have automated clicks. In order to do this, you have to start the recording on the software and then move your cursor point to their respective locations.

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You might have to press a key on your keyboard or simply left click, depending upon the software, to record. You can either record one click point or multiple and chain them together to do a specific task. Once you record a point, its coordinate will be displayed on the software.


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Some software come with features that allow you to save your click coordinates. This can be greatly useful when you don’t want to record the same click points over and over again.

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In these cases, you can just save up your X and Y coordinate list and then use it again in the future. This will save you a great deal of time and hassle.

Auto Clicker For Mac No Virus

Once you have all your X and Y coordinate list, you have to sit back and let the software do all the work. The software will work till the user stops it or it has completed its number of clicks previously set by the user.