Asc Timetables 2017 For Mac

Scheduling a school day can be pretty complicated, especially when there are many subjects, teachers, and classes to consider all at once.
ASc TimeTables is a program that will help you schedule courses, classes, teachers, and weekly hours in a very easy way. You can even take care of special distributions or add more teachers to a class. The courses, classes, and teachers can be individually determined, too, so you can figure out if you can schedule a math class for a certain time or check whether a teacher is available early on Tuesdays, for example.
From these parameters, aSc TimeTables generates a full schedule in a few minutes, taking into account every one of your requirements. Subjects can be proportionally distributed throughout the week, so you can control the lessons and divide the classrooms and subjects appropriately. ASc TimeTables also checks the schedule with you to get rid of any errors, alerting you to possible problems and allowing you to make changes manually if there's a mistake.
This program thinks of everything and can even help you manage substitutions, generating monthly and yearly reports of absences and substitutions according to the type of substitution.
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Steven Riggs has announced TimeTable 3 for macOS (10.10 or later). It’s an update of the app that reads and filters macOS Calendar data and calculates the hours spent in the events.

It reads the events directly from the calendars in real-time based on the timeframe selected. TimeTable lets you track and bill for your time without keeping a second record outside of your calendars. You can export macOS Calendar data and analyze and total the number of hours recorded on your calendars.

Asc Timetables 2017 For Mac

TimeTable 3 is on sale 50% off for a limited time for $9.99 for a single user license. Volume discounts are available. A demo can be downloaded athlete product website (

Asc Timetables 2013 Free Download

School scheduling software for Mac, PC, tablet and phone. Create master school schedule and share. Unique automatic timetable generator. ASc Timetables has great online help which answered all my queries to create complex timetables with many variables, relationaships and constraints. It has a substitution program with it is easy to use when teachers are absent, with a notification system that informs them via the app.