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  1. Simple 3DS converter is very outdated. 3dsconv is the latest one, and it supports using the bootroom keys so you don't need to grab the xorpads for encrypted 3DS files (those are the files simple 3DS converter is asking for). Just get the exe, put it in a folder and put the boot9.bin bootrom in the same folder and you can convert by just.
  2. 4: Converting.3ds files to.cia. Locate the newly-generated.xorpad files, and copy them to //3DS Simple CIA Converter/xorpads. Re-open '3dssimplecia.exe,' and click on 'Convert 3DS ROM to CIA.' Note: The program will likely freeze and be unresponsive while generating the.cia file(s).
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There comes a new tool-3DS/3DZ To CIA Converter V5.00, and it can convert the 3ds ROM file to cia file which can directly be installed with 3ds menu under the gateway emunand.And the converted games is installed in the 3DS SD card(including save). In other words, we donot need to read games from gateway 3ds red card after using this tool, which will be more convinent. 3DS to CIA converter. Contribute to tygamer1to7/3ds2cia development by creating an account on GitHub.

How to Transfer 3DS Save Data to Citra

There are multiple ways to transfer 3DS save data to Citra in a usable form, but the important thing to note is that whatever tool used to get the save data off of the 3DS supports exporting expanded save data. Save data lives in Citra’s emulated SD card directories (user/sdmc/Nintendo 3DS/000...0/000...0/title/[game-TID-high]/[game-TID-low]/data/00000001/).


threeSD is a tool written to help import data from your 3DS for Citra more conveniently.

Refer to threeSD Quickstart Guide for importing your installed titles, updates, DLCs, save data, extra data, system files, etc. Note that you’ll still need a hacked 3DS with GodMode9 to obtain your keys so that threeSD can decrypt the data on your SD card.


As the supported way of transferring save data, Checkpoint is easy to install and use.

Required tools

  • A 3DS with boot9strap installed
  • Checkpoint.
  • SD card reader (preferred), or a way to use wireless file transfer

Installing Checkpoint

  1. Download Checkpoint from the link above.
  2. For cia installation, transfer the cia file to the SD card and install it with a cia installer such as FBI. For Rosalina-based Homebrew Launcher, transfer the 3dsx file to /3ds/ on the SD card. Hax-based Homebrew Launchers are not supported by Checkpoint.

Transferring Save Data

  1. Open Checkpoint. If this is the first time launching Checkpoint, it may take a considerably longer than usual depending on the amount of installed titles.
  2. Highlight the game you want to dump by navigating to it with the D-pad.
  3. Press A and select Backup on the bottom screen. You will be prompted Yes or No. Select Yes by pressing A.
  4. You will have the option to name the save folder. Name it whatever you want or use the name given to it. Press OK on the bottom screen.
  5. The top screen will flash a message Success! Progress correctly saved to disk. Exit out of Checkpoint.
  6. Transfer all files located in /3ds/Checkpoint/saves/[Game Name]/[Folder created in Step 4] to the computer.
  7. Place the files in Citra’s emulated SD card’s save directory. You can open the save directory by right-clicking on a game in Citra and clicking “Open Save Data Directory”. If the directory doesn’t exist, start the game once and the directory will be created.
Example diagram showing the correct location of New Super Mario Bros. 2 save data in Citra’s User Directory.

Nintendo 3DS games can often be found in the .3ds format, which is intended for emulators like Citra. Nintendo 3DS consoles cannot load .3ds ROM files, however they can be converted to .cia format which can be installed on hacked 3DS consoles with FBI. This guide will show you how to convert your .3ds ROMs to .cia files using GodMode9.

Required Downloads:

  • GodMode9 (latest version)

Hacked (New) Nintendo 3DS (XL) Console with Luma3DS CFW

  • Booting into GodMode9 via the Luma3DS chainloader requires a hacked 3DS console
  • Follow this guide (with pictures) or Plailect’s guide on hacking your 3DS if you have not done so before
  • An SD Card is required to store the exploit files and homebrew apps
  • 32GB or more is recommended to store games
  • The SD card must be formatted to FAT32
  • MicroSD cards are compatible with Old 3DS consoles via a MicroSD to SD adapter
  1. Insert your 3DS SD card into your PC
  2. Extract the GodMode9 .zip
  3. Copy GodeMode9.firm to the /luma/payloads/ folder on your SD card
  4. Copy the /gm9/ folder to the root of your SD card
  5. Insert your SD card into your 3DS
  1. Insert your 3DS SD card into your PC
  2. Create a folder called in inside the /gm9/ folder on your SD card if it doesn’t exist already
  3. Copy your .3ds rom file to the /gm9/in/ folder on your SD card
  4. Insert your SD card into your 3DS
  5. Power your 3DS on while holding [START] to boot into GodMode9
  6. Press [Home] for the action menu
  7. Select [Scripts…]
  8. Select [GM9Megascript]
  9. Select [Miscellaneous]
  10. Select [.3ds to .cia Converter]
  11. Select your .3ds game then press [A] to confirm your selection and wait for the process to complete
  12. Press [A] once complete to go back to the menu, your .cia file will be found in the /gm9/out/ folder on your SD card
  13. You can now install the .cia using FBI, navigate to SD -> gm9 -> out to install the game from this location

Congratulations, you’ve converted a .3ds rom file to a .cia to install on a 3DS console.

Installing 3DS Backups and Homebrew

  • Install 3DS backups and homebrew easily with FBI

Dump Cartridges to SD

  • Play your games without the cartridge inserted by dumping them directly to your SD card with GodMode9
  • Cartridges can be dumped as multiple formats: .cia for 3DS consoles, .3ds for emulators or .nds for Nintendo DS games

Install Virtual Console Games (GBC, GBA, SNES etc)

  • Convert ROM’s to Virtual Console titles and install them directly to your Home menu using New Super Ultimate Injector

Play DS Games with TWiLight Menu++

3ds To Cia Converter Tool Online

  • Play Nintendo DS ROM’s flawlessly using TWiLight Menu++
  • The application also features a built-in cheats manager